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The Queen Wears Fur ?

The Queen Of Style Rocks My Fashion
world everytime. We all love a bit
of Kate Moss and a bit of her style
and we try to get this by becoming
her dobelgangor. She rocks somethn
new everytime and we rock with her.
Her love of fur is obvious
and ive worn some preety dodgy
ones in my time but also have
some lovely ones that i cant
wait to wear again soon. I 
think im the only one that 
wishes the winter on that 
little bit more sooner then 
anyone eles just so i can 
wear my fur coats
and my floor full of boots!
I think its my favourite time
to wear fashion as you can wear
more stuff by layering ect
Hope you like the pics of mossy
i know i will as i await the
winter blues......








Love This one...


Weekend Whimsicals


My Budda Watching over me every night.


I Had a lovely relaxing sunday
all by myself.
I blogged i did my toe nails i
washed my hair read some magazines
watched eastenders and i did
watch the last half of 
the england game weird!
but there was just a buzz of 
it and ok there was David Beckam 
everynow and then on my screen
that helped alot!!!
I made a lovely omlette and ate 
loadsa chocolate and drank green
tea and i took some photos
And now its coming to a close
and im off to prepare dinner 
and dessert for me and my 
soon to be home Fiance and 
wait for the new episodes
of The Hills and The City
Now thats what i call a
lovely chilled out  rainy
windy sunday
all for myself.



This was taken today from my attic window........


My Lantern with stars that i use everyday with scented candles..its so calming...i love to read here in my room with this lit...


A lovely eopard/zebra print cardi from Pennys €14 its sooo cute...


My Latest Addition- God Ive so Many Shoes! But so what Right? loveeeee


My Lovely Bed....


My Beautifull new Bag From Spain.

Fantasy Hang ons….

Well ive just come across this
amazing site people
It has the best accessories
ive come across ina while
and ive been on many sites.
Their rings are so kool!
Heres a few pictures from

Please enjoy!!!!


Spanish Jewels.


So as usual i went on a spanish 
shopping spree and picked up 
some fab peices that i adore
I love shopping in spain
they have soooo much.
I did go over board on the
harem pants nd bought like
4pairs and 2pairs of short
ones for the gym in navy
and red and 2 pairs were
jumpsuits. So i can now 
add them to my rathr big 
collection as ive been 
wearing harem pants for 
years without any 
compliments from my bf
as he is not a fan
but hey...

So below are most of my
purchases and i cant wait 
to rock my new Studd Boots!!!


Wake up To Make Up….


Yep i went on a bit of a makeup
splurge! I do love it you know!
I came across this new brand
in spain called KINKO and
fell in love with it!
The whole store was amazing
and yeah i bought alot!
perfect for carry on luggage!
It has lip liner lip gloss
on the one stick! class
and their eyeshadows can
be used wet or dry and
their highlighters are
amazing! im gone mad
buying highlighters at
the moment ive quite a
Ebay is great for Makeup
I bought some laura mercia
products and some
glitters and Goat hair Brush
set in a lovely case For a
really good price.
I also came across a site called
kudos which sell Dermologica
products and i bought €150
worth of stuff on it saving about
€70 as its at least 30% cheaper!
Cant wait for it to come in
the post as i kitted myself
out with everything i needed for
eyes lips spf cleanser toner
moisturizer makeup remover
and so on!

So if your looking to pay
for your favs but a little bit
cheaper id recommend going online
and looking for them Ebay is
a godsend!!! Im always waiting
on something in the post!!!
HHHMMMMmmmmm that doesnt
sound too healthy!!!
Ah only live once!


So im back from my long relaxing
holiday. Settling in nicely. It
went something like this..
Yes to the cocktails Yes
to the over eating Yes to
the world cup Yes to No!
Yes to the tanning sessions
Yes to the cheap Cds Yes to
the local chinese Yes to the
cheap sunnies Yes to the local
markets Yes to paying a fortune
on Magazines Yes to melted choc
Yes to the cheap ciggs Yes to the
dessert Yes to the fries Yes to the
local beer Yes to the Too many Harem
pants i bought Yes to the Spanish
shopping Yes Yes Yes
Now thats a Holiday.....

Seriously need to detox now.

Blogs on My spanish purchases
coming this way soon...

The Time Is Now…..

My Lovely Friends.
Im Off On Holiday.
Got Everything All
Packed Up And Ready
To Go.
The Sun Awaits Me
With a Large Mojito.
I Will Arrive With A
Smile On My Face But
Will Leave With a Frown.

So Untill Then.....
Chow xxxxxxx

The Traveler – Editorial



How amazing is this shoot.
Colours are fab and all
the different layers and

High Ho? or NO NO ?

Dont Know What it is but
im gone crazy on shoes again
recently i have bought alot 
since January and im loving 
these new ones with all the 
strapps and wedges.
Perfect with tights and 
dresses and will bring you 
right into the winter too
which im secratly looking
forward too! I Know its 
crazy but i do love the 
winter fashion with all the
layering and the tights 
and jumpers and the likes. 
BUT! im keeping it real and
sticking to the summer vibe 
we are having and loving at 
the garden?


Sex And The City-And Sitting Very Preety.

Well im just back from the movies.
I went with my lovely chicas and
sipped on a cocktail in the G Hotel.
The Style floating through the pink
room to the navy room was indeed
Dazzling from head to toe.
We all made our way to the cinema
and ive never seen anythn like it.
Cocktails in tow and heels a clicking
we all took to our seats.

Their was applauses and screams 

and oohs and ahhs and best of all.


We watched Carrie get torn i

nto a kiss from the out of the blue. 

Samantha made us laugh at her 

strive for the perfect shag 

Abu Dabu style. 

Miranda thought us to stand up 

to the hand and Charlotte spilled

her true  colours at last! 

The style ooh the style left me

sinking into my chair. 

It certainly  was inspiring.

 I will be adding  new pieces to

my holiday wardrobe thats for sure!

The movie was just amazing and  

filled me with emotion and glee

and appreciation of the people

i love in my life. So if you

have not seen it grab a friend 

or two put on a pair of heels 

and get ready for a a few hours

of fabulous  fashion and 

friendships to aspire too.