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Z Pallette!! A Must For Make-up Lovers!!!



I normaly blog about fashion but it has to be said what your about to see next is right up there!!!    This Is ladies Fashion For Make-up!
So you have all your favourite blushers and eyeshadows but their all in different paletts or cases and your always looking for the one you can never find….. Right…..  So how about this…… One Palette that can fit all your fav shadows and blushers that you use the most on a daily basis.. .or you can put all the same colour shades together like all your blacks and greys or pastel colours or mix them up with blushers concealers and eyeshadows!!!!   Yes!!!  I will have these please in all of the above!!  Well they come in some cool styles like  Zebra and  Leopard Or Plain Black!      Me?    I would personaly go with the Leopard Print or Zebra because thats the way i roll : )
Im waiting on mine at the moment and when i get them i will blog you!!
How do we get our mittens on these?  i hear you ask!!!
Well there is a lovely Lady (Also wicked Makeup Artist) …….ANN MARIE CAREY JUDD
And she has these lovely PALETTE For sale.
You can find her here…
And Here…
Or Here …


And Here We Have Some Info On these Dazling little gems

This exclusive custom palette is ideal for home and portable for travel. Its outstanding sleek and clean design offers an open magnetic base to fit any size eye shadow, blush, bronzer, or even foundation! You can keep all your favorites from all different makeup brands in one place. The compact finish is made of a coated high quality matte paper, which is easy to clean and is 70% recyclable. Best of all with its unique acrylic clear window you can see exactly what’s inside! Replace colors as often as you would like to your preference!

And Here We Have Some Images To Drool over




Leopard - Small Palette      

This is them filled with Blushers And Eyeshadows.

Prices are preety attractive too!!!   They go something like this…

LARGE  – €19    SMALL  – €14     MAGNETS  – €4 FOR 40.


Birds Of A Feather.


So im been thinking about a next Tattoo.
I have many ideas and will not spill into
them but the one i keep going back to
is the swallow. Ive done some research
on this and its been known long time ago
that when the sailors got a tattoo of the
swallow it meant he had travelled so many
nautical miles or passed the equator.
And would get one to show how proud he
was and that he had pride in what he did.
If a sailor would die at sea it was said
the swallows would lift them up to the
heavens. Some had them on each hand
which represented fight and courage.
Swallows in general would travel but
eventually come back home which some
say is loyalty.
Now to me all of these things represent
my life right now and can relate to
a lot of the meanings.
So im thinking i should pick a design
and ive looked up some and put them
I like the one with the tiny little
ones on the wrist with the girl holding
the camera sideways (duno why).
Whatever i decide im sure i will have
it up for yee all to have a look.

Im sitting here blogging and listening
to Katherine Jenkins with a cuppa.
Very sunday feeling about it...

Enjoy your sunday...♥



















was a roaring sucess
The ladies were tapping their
heels outside while braving the
weather. once the doors opened
they fell into a warm sea full
of glitz and glammer
their were sequences love hearts
polka dots flowers playsuits
tribal festival macs pearls
bags sunnies maxi all awaiting
to be brought home by some
lovely fashinistas.
The tills were ringing and
the lovely staff were on
hand to help out and looking
very glamourous too!!
Bulmers light made the shopping
experience a little well easier
Gosh make-up artist were beautifying
all the local girls and Peter Marks
were showong off their skills and i had
the pleasure of giving away vouchers
to some lucky shoppers while i shopped
and bopped around Awear to the tunes.
Thanks to all that came out and
supported Awear on the night we hope
yee enjoyed your night and all your

Untill next time...


Loved this one shoulder taupe dress with sequins..


This tan jacket was devine.


Cute .


And this pearl/polka dot dress is so preety.




Maxi time..


Gosh Makeup artist working their magic.


Peter Marks experts at work.


DJ Banging out the tunes.

Lace Me In It…


Most people that know me will
know that im a massive fan of
Lace And Madonna.
Lace makes me feel so sexy
whenever i put it on. It can
also bring out your wild side
teaming it up with other fabrics
like leather or leopard prints
another one of my desires.
These things make me very
happy to say the least and i
love images that have them in
it and im always inspired.















                                                                                  A|wear Galway are hosting a girls night in!

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We have some great news for all our Galway Girls!

A|wear is hosting an exclusive Girls Night In on the 21st of July just before the Galway races.

Guests on the night will be treated to:

– 20% off all full price purchases
– Free drinks courtesy of Bulmers Light
– GOSH makeovers v Hair Tips from the Peter Marks Style Team
– In store DJ will provide hot summery sounds!

To tick all the fashion boxes on your race card email to RSVP. We have fabulous goody bags for the first 200 RSVP’s with fab treats from GOSH, Lindt, Palmolive and more!

I will be there as Galway Fashion Blogger To Take Photos And well Blog About it!!! And of course to shop!!!! 

See you all there!!!!     I need to go now and get ready!!!! ;  ))))))

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Im In Chains

Chain Chain Chains
Oh Yes indeed
My Next new Obsession
Very much a summer thing
but im sure you could
adjust it accordingly to
your winter wardrobe
which im secretly waiting
its arrival.
Enjoy your Chain Mail.....


Fist Fight.

Hanging Onto Time..


Well oxygen is in full swing.
Mud up to their elbows i hear.
Im a tad jealous as i was suppose
to be going myself working in
the VIP area doing Makeup but
it fell through- "overcrewed"
was the words used so after i
picked up my heart of the floor
i immediately did what any other
fashionable chic would do and
went internet shopping and yes
it made me feel a whole lot
better. As im sitting here on
my lovely bed knowing that theres
two tickets to Electric Picnic
on my fridge and a new wardrobe
of festival clothes flying across
the sky as we speak i really
couldnt be happier
With Kate Moss as my Festival
icon i threw together some
inspirational images that have
me long is it till
Electric Picnic?
7weeks And 5days To Be Exact... 


dirty little style whore 20


dirty little style whore16

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