Weekend Whimsicals


My Budda Watching over me every night.


I Had a lovely relaxing sunday
all by myself.
I blogged i did my toe nails i
washed my hair read some magazines
watched eastenders and i did
watch the last half of 
the england game weird!
but there was just a buzz of 
it and ok there was David Beckam 
everynow and then on my screen
that helped alot!!!
I made a lovely omlette and ate 
loadsa chocolate and drank green
tea and i took some photos
And now its coming to a close
and im off to prepare dinner 
and dessert for me and my 
soon to be home Fiance and 
wait for the new episodes
of The Hills and The City
Now thats what i call a
lovely chilled out  rainy
windy sunday
all for myself.



This was taken today from my attic window........


My Lantern with stars that i use everyday with scented candles..its so calming...i love to read here in my room with this lit...


A lovely eopard/zebra print cardi from Pennys €14 its sooo cute...


My Latest Addition- God Ive so Many Shoes! But so what Right? loveeeee


My Lovely Bed....


My Beautifull new Bag From Spain.


3 responses to “Weekend Whimsicals

  1. Love this post and love these pics!
    Errr… give us a lend of those shoes!

  2. Ha thks hun- my newset favourite thing at the moment! Holiday purchase! ggguurrrr xxx

  3. Amazing shoes!!! Jealous! Lovely post – beautiful new things!

    http://www.thewardrobewars.blogspot.com – take a look, we’d love your feedback – follow if you like what you see!

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