Wake up To Make Up….


Yep i went on a bit of a makeup
splurge! I do love it you know!
I came across this new brand
in spain called KINKO and
fell in love with it!
The whole store was amazing
and yeah i bought alot!
perfect for carry on luggage!
It has lip liner lip gloss
on the one stick! class
and their eyeshadows can
be used wet or dry and
their highlighters are
amazing! im gone mad
buying highlighters at
the moment ive quite a
Ebay is great for Makeup
I bought some laura mercia
products and some
glitters and Goat hair Brush
set in a lovely case For a
really good price.
I also came across a site called
kudos which sell Dermologica
products and i bought €150
worth of stuff on it saving about
€70 as its at least 30% cheaper!
Cant wait for it to come in
the post as i kitted myself
out with everything i needed for
eyes lips spf cleanser toner
moisturizer makeup remover
and so on!

So if your looking to pay
for your favs but a little bit
cheaper id recommend going online
and looking for them Ebay is
a godsend!!! Im always waiting
on something in the post!!!
HHHMMMMmmmmm that doesnt
sound too healthy!!!
Ah well..you only live once!

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