Girl Behind The Blog


Well its been a blogs life
for few months now and im
loving it. I blog Fashion
Make-up and my Inspirations.
And Like to blog about Galway
Shops and Fashion.
I am a true Galway girl.
I am a Make-up Artist.
Dabbling in Styling too.
Loveeee Photography.
Love my Canon 550D.
Love people watching.
Love To shop.
Love my wardrobe.
Love my shoes.
Love lace.
Love hanging around the
shops. love my weekly
session with my Fav Mags.
Im a fashion writer
contributor For The Hub Magazine
on a monthly basis.
I Love the gym walking the prom
Pilates Bosu ball boxercise.
My Idols would have to be
Madonna/Marilyn Monroe Debbie Harry.
And my Fashion Icons would be
Kate Moss Sienna Miller Alex Chung.
And lady Ga Ga For a bit of accentric madness.
I try to make the most of what i
have and live my life the way i
want to chasing new adventures
and well just trying to be happy.

To Contact me:
Thanks For Reading my Blog.














8 responses to “Girl Behind The Blog

  1. nice story,know most of it being your brother,hope all goes well with this new venture of your,ill be watching

  2. Rebecca Magliocco

    love pics sinead u look fab xxx

  3. hey Sinead,
    just found, small, small county we live in!!
    drop me a line and we should met for cawfeeee!
    have some more makeup courses , short ones going on, will keep you posted,

    you look great in those shots,


  4. Hey!!
    For sure yes!
    Heard about the new course something to do with T.V ect–defo interested thks a ill xxx

  5. Eimear Varian Barry

    u are too cute!

  6. Hi Sinead,

    thank you for your comment on my new blog! I have returned the compliment and added you to my blogroll also! I love your inspirations and content…

    Keep in touch,
    Sabina :0)

  7. Hi congratulations on your wedding! If you have time i d like you to have a look at my website showing my first collection under my label. Iam a irish fashion designer based in Monaghan! congrats again, natalie x

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