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A birthday for Fashion House !!!! and Presents for you!!!!


Right, So around this time a year ago i set up this online fashion diary, and much to my avay i am still doing it and still loving it. Inspired by a lovely girl called Eimear Varian Barry, she brought me into her world of fashion and traveling and i thought it was amazing! It made me want to do my own one , so i did.

So im celebrating with some goodies!! Some were given to me by a friend and the others i bought myself. Just for you…..

This is what you get.

1. A small Mac brush set.

2.Bobbi Brown eyeshadow pallet.

3. Mac pigment.

4. A black tossled oversized scarf.

5. Pearl chain.

6. Pearl bracelet

7. Disco ball tissues.

7. Benifit bent liner brush (this is amazing)

This Juicy Lot is Up For Grabs!!!!



Disco ball tissues

The black tossle oversized scarf

All you have to do to win these juicy things is –  “like” my  FASHION HOUSE page on Facebook and suggest it to your friends and family and get them to  “like” it aswell and comment that ‘you’ suggested them and thats it. The name with the most comments wins!!!

It starts today and it ends on March the 14th 12pm , Fashion House Birthday.

Winner announced Tuesday Morning!

So get going and you could win all these lovely gifts!!!

Thanks and good luck x

And if its your birthday today…..   Happy Birthday x


I like to think that Fashion House is my online fashion diary,and is just for fun. Im not here to criticise anyone  compete or write about what i hate , i focus more on what i love. .  For me fashion is accessible to everyone and there are no rules. There is no rules in fun.  My fashion diary is more about high street vintage and  DIY.  Dont get me wrong i adore designer clothes and designers and the like and get alot of inspiration from them, but i cant afford it so i like to focus more on whats on my level and what i can do to mirror these beautiful clothes and amazing designers, and also making the best with what i have which would be customizing clothes and accessories to something close to what you might see on the catwalk and its alot more rewarding and ‘you’ reap the awards in the end .

I love blogging and couldnt see my life without it right now. Its an escape from the hussle and bussel and you can share it with people who has the same appreciation and passion and collide and share all your thoughts, and look into the wardrobes of others and get inspired from their fashion moments and fashion passion.

Preety kool like.

Hope your enjoying my blog. Lets hope to see you all next year on                                                                        my  second Birthday

Sinead x

Stiff As A Board Light As A Feather.













This is my screensaver on my iphone love peacocks.



I’m heavily influenced by feathers at the moment. As im contemplating my next tattoo. Will i go for a feather (pictures in the next post) or will i get my little swallows. Or i could be crazy and get both!!!!   I always have this voice in my head saying just do it get both life is too short , you only have one chance, you might regret not doing it!  AND then you got the other voice saying dont do it , you might regret it, it wont suit you when your older, you,l look like a right ejit  and so on and so on…

So then im thinking…. you are who you bloody are , with or without these tattoos. Peoples opinions are  not going to change because of it.  Your boy is still gona love ya, your mam might smile and roll her eyes a bit but  shes unconditional right?

Your besties, will all have a different opinion i know most would probably say dont do it as they are not into them saying that they all have at least one! Others would say do what you like sinead you always have done , thats why we love ya…

with or without tattoos..

Mind made up x

Lots of images but i cant not publish them they give me goosebumps and are sooo inspiring x