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Eternal Flame.

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

1Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Who says Boys can’t wear Magpie Vintage too?

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

Magpie Vintage, Photography by Hollie Fernando...

This Year is very exciting one for me as this is the year that i organise the biggest day of a girls life!  Yes yes Im getting married!  to the man i waited and wished for, for a long time. I am still searching for the right dress. ive seen soo many now and have tried on a few and still dont know what i want. Let me tell you its not easy choosing as you  (well me) kinda want the flowing dress  and then you want the big dress and then you want the lace with chiffon and its sooo confusing as there is sooo many out there and if your anything like me where im into all kinds of fashion and styles and cant just keep to one the whole time i like to mix things up try new things but mostly try and be that bit original at the same time!!

Since we have decided to get married in Italy On The Amalfy Coast My choice on dress has changed as it will be warm over there and i want to be confortable so i might go for an all lace dress maybe with a little back on show or grecian type.

I came across this website Magpie Vintage and ive seen some of the most amazing jewellery and headpeices!!  I would like to wear a headpeice on my day i think after i take off the veil i would still like to have something in my hair.

Heres some images i came across on the website and my next post wil be on some dresses that gave me some inspiration on what type of dress i will be going for !!!

Sinead x

Birds Of A Feather.








So im still searching for my next tattoo which i will make my mind up on soon.

I want something Preety but with a little meaning behind it and also something im not to regret!  ( see post before this for thoughts on that)

Ive rounded up some preety images that i like so far on feathers.

Enjoy x

Stiff As A Board Light As A Feather.













This is my screensaver on my iphone love peacocks.



I’m heavily influenced by feathers at the moment. As im contemplating my next tattoo. Will i go for a feather (pictures in the next post) or will i get my little swallows. Or i could be crazy and get both!!!!   I always have this voice in my head saying just do it get both life is too short , you only have one chance, you might regret not doing it!  AND then you got the other voice saying dont do it , you might regret it, it wont suit you when your older, you,l look like a right ejit  and so on and so on…

So then im thinking…. you are who you bloody are , with or without these tattoos. Peoples opinions are  not going to change because of it.  Your boy is still gona love ya, your mam might smile and roll her eyes a bit but  shes unconditional right?

Your besties, will all have a different opinion i know most would probably say dont do it as they are not into them saying that they all have at least one! Others would say do what you like sinead you always have done , thats why we love ya…

with or without tattoos..

Mind made up x

Lots of images but i cant not publish them they give me goosebumps and are sooo inspiring x

Sleepy kingdom.












I dont Know about you but my bed is very very important to me.

A couple of years ago i went out and bought me a superking size bed.

Yes it cost me nearly €2000. But its money well spent.

I have the nicest sleeps in it. Its huge. I can do snow angels in it.

It has a sea view. Missy sleeps here.

The boy sleeps in ‘the other side’.

My bed has seen many things.

Worn many things. Heard many things.

Brought me to places you couldnt even imagine.

My quilt hugs me tight at night and in return i save mine for my pillow.

It allows me to travel to unknown destinations and back.

It keeps me warm. Safe. Secure.

Can also Keep me awake ; )

how much do you love yours?

sinead x

Photos from weheartit x

Bourdoir Meets the House Hotel.

The House Hotel, Galway’s Boutique City Centre Hotel, will host “The Boutique Wedding Fair” on Saturday 19th of February from 11am – 6pm. The House Hotel likes to be different so they’ve decided to feature a “Classy Hen Party Exhibition” in their cocktail bar to coincide with the wedding fair. No booking required just call in free of charge. There promises to be plenty of free bees, amazing give-aways & competitions throughout the day.
Wedding exhibitors will be showcasing their offerings in the Relax Lounge while Catwalk Models will be modelling wedding dresses by Galway based Eileen Boulger, Couture bridal. Eilleen has supplied wedding dresses to well known TV celebrities such as, Andrea Roche and the Seoige sisters. Alan Fahy, managing director of Ideal Wedding Brokers, Ireland’s No.1 wedding broker, will be on hand to advise couple on how they can make valuable savings and stay within their wedding budget without compromising on quality. The Wedding Fair will feature everything needed for your wedding day, from cakes to vintage cars and flowers to bridal headpieces.
The House Hotel’s cocktail classes have become an extremely popular part of their hen party packages. Guests can enjoy a free cocktail on the day and learn from a professional mixologist how to create your favourite cocktail. Hen party Exhibitors will also include, “Boudoir Girls”, a fun photography specialist for hens, make up classes from Heaven Scent Beauty Spa and free eye make-up application, a full nail bar and even belly dancing classes from the

An email is what led me to where i was in that photo above. I by no means think i am a model and i  was asked to do this shoot by the beautiful photographer    Natalie Herzer Greer  and director of Boudoir Girls!! So i jumped at the chance for a bit of fun,  i do love the whole shoot and makeup and of course the styling involved in these things.  The lovely girls from Rococo in Galway gave me the dress for the day and i felt a million dollars in it. We were promoting  “The Boutique Wedding Fair” on Saturday 19th of February from 11am – 6pm in The House Hotel. An event not to be missed!!

I am going to be there to check out the bride dresses and maybe see something that i like. All details about this event are above and also on their facebook page!!

So if your about Galway city please do drop in to the lovely Boutique Hotel and get pampered and watch some fashion shows or even meet some celebs!!!

See you there

Sinead x

Random fluffy things.



















You can not Not! love these images. I am a massive cat person owning a few in my day Salem obbee yoda and my current furry friend Missy moo. They bring me so much joy. Everyday Missy makes me laugh and smile. And I do cherish that. She brings out the best in me and yes at times I have also wanted to squeeze her for going up on the counter sniffing the bin but those thoughts are short lived when she throws her little paw up to her face and hides behind it and twist her body into a little yoga position you could be jealous off!!

This post is dedicated to all you animal lovers x

sinead x

Shiny Memories are on their way back.



My reading.

My moo moo,s














Get your tattoos out.




Do it.






never forget your camera.

Me in a Hammock In thailand.


I got up this morning after a lovely weekend of birthday celebrations. Having paid for it all day yesterday today brings me new joy. When i woke at a very early clock of 9.30 the sun was shining birds were tweeting cat was meowing to come into me the boy had gone to work kill bill vol 29 (my all time fav movies) was  still in the laptop from the hours of the night before in bed. I could hear the sea down the back of the garden when i opened the window to let missy moo moo out for a little rumble through the back and i stood there letting the sun beat of my face and i got a very familiar memory... put me in a good mood straight away so i clicked on the kettle and made some green tea and one of my fav  brekkies beans on toast. I cleared up and showered and went for a stroll down the back garden with missy in my shadow. I wanted to inhale the fresh  air and have the slight wind breeze pass my face. Im taking advantage of my time of at the moment as my job is moving location and shall be open next week with tonnes of new stock arriving. So im excited to get back and get stuck in. Also have some shoots coming up with me styling them so should be interesting couple of months and most importantly FUN! This week is Photo week on Fashion House and all my post are going to be heavily influenced like that. As i love photography and im always trawling blogs and sites. This post is dedicated to everyone who got  up on Monday with a smile on their face.  Inhale .. exhale and let the memories proceed. Summer is coming (even if it is only for a short time)... embrace. Some photos i took myself and others are from other random sites. Enjoy sinead x

Arrogant Cat!!

Futuristic net leggings


I mean i had to have them as soon as i seen them!!!

Amazing !!!!!!!!!


Style Diaries. Every Blogger will want this.








This book is full of images from blogs around the world.

I bought it on Urbanoutfitter.

Its a great read with fashion spilling over all the pages like icecream.

Theres mens and womens images and blogs.

So plenty of hours of blogging!



say it with….

I bought these cards in  New look yesterday when i was shopping for a prezzy for

my lovely future sister inlaw. They have started to do cards and gift bags and they

are so kool and on trend and very reasonable in price. I have a few birthdays coming up soon so they will be perfect for all my besties….