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True Blood.

Here we are again. Where everyone turns into
something they are not and parties like its 
1969. So i had couple of ideas what i was
going to dress up as one being a physco
Doll or a vampire but not with a cape
just suttle fangs and white face and
leather dress and high boots with
white or grey blue contacts and  
bite marks on my kneck by my vampire
boyfriend... so i havent decided.
Being a massive TRUE BLOOD fan im begining 
to wish that vampires are real! I wish!
I would love to be somebodys maker!
Anyways, whatever it is your not this 
weekend, be it good be it safe and most
of all be it fun 
So plenty of tricks and treats !!!
I know i will ....
Mwhhhaaaahaaa  mwhahahahahahaha

Balmain Collection 2011


New Collection For 2011.
Loving the skinnies and the leather.
Not feeling the corset though.
Not my kind of thing.
And the beaded skirt is beautiful.


Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Balmain S-2011 collection

Source of the image: Style.


For The Love Of Winter.

Ive been collecting a few bits for my winter wardrobe
and trying to team them up with stuff i already have.
I think of done preety well so far as there is few
more things i would like to get. Im still on the
lookout for leather shorts that look good. Ive
tried on a few and they all didnt suit. I
would love a pair of clog boots and leather
skinnies. And a black long fur coat(fake of course).
Just some of the things im wishing for.
So hers a few of my things i bought to
update my new wardrobe and a few old things
i will be teaming them with. Since i got rid
of all my old clothes up at the market there
was a minor space for some newbees on the rail.
so i splurged.
Its a day for blogging i think! Weather is
terrible outside so think ive secured a
solid date with my Mac Book .
To all of you thats getting your fashion on
this weekend have a great time and keep it real
As for me- Im taking it cheesey till next weekend
saving for new hair and lashes.
Chow ♥

Anew Broach and Teddy Bear necklace from Pennys €2. Broach from My mam.

Some rings From Pennys €3 each. Other colours available.

These navy suede shorts are fab!!! From Topshop and cost €49. Havent been worn yet and ive loadsa ideas what to wear them with.

My best by so far this AW my floppy hat from Tkmax €17...

A pennys hairband for €5. This is stunning on! with your hair up. It has yet to have an outing but will soon for the xmas...

This is beautiful. I bought this in A-Wear Few years ago. Yes! Its a cape coat with 2 deep pockets at the front and goes right up the kneck. I wear long leather gloves with this as it has short sleeves or a long sleeved shrug. Jadore. Cant remember how much this was think it was €100

A black dress i got from ASOS with feathers on the shoulders with a touch of green of them. Also has a big v line back on it. I sometimes wear it as a top under my tulip leather skirt. So i get a good bit of wear of it. Its sooo comfy too. Cost €65

This is from River Island. It cost €50 but i 
was lucky enough to get it for €18 last
week in the sale! I love it! It has crochet
on the cuffs and collar and elastic just
at the top of the waist. Lovely with tall
vintage boots and my black floppy hat.

This fab tulip leather skirt was purchased in Borne from Vera moda. Its high waisted and gives you fab legs teamed with heels! It also has two pockets. Cost around €35

This i got in H&M for €30 you can take the fur collar off too. very snuggly and warm. Always in my AW wardrobe.

A big oversized navy cape i got in pennys about 3 years ago. This comes out every AW and i sometimes put a belt around it! One of my fav buys. Think it cost €16.

Images are my own- taken with my old canon so not the best quality. Getting a new one for xmas fingers crossed.


Where Ever I lay My Hat…


Ive been loving hats as far back as i can remember wearing 
them. I remember wearing a beret hat in primary school 
and everybody asking me why i was wearing one as only 
the french wear them, I wore it because Madonna wore one.
And it was the 90,s. 
I usually get to wear my stash of hats come A/W as i much
 prefer my wardrobe at this time of year and realy enjoy
 my clothes and putting together outfits.
So i went into TKMAX and bought me some hats last week.
One in black and i also purchased it in navy. They are 
the floppy kind that Sienna Miller (I ♥ U) wears. So 
im going to be wearing these for the next 6 months along
 with my other participants that are hanging on my wall
 waiting for their next outing which is coming very soon. 
Im matching these hats with  furry gillets and long dresses
 that go past your knee and tall  boots and big bags very
 Boho and oh so very me...














My new Hat.
Photos From We Heart It – I heart you For Such Inspiring Photos!! God.

Are You A Boudoir Girl ?

I was Flicking through my emails and came across a very familiar name Boudoir Girls and thought whats this. So reading on it was from the director Natalie asking me if i would like to do a shoot and have a bit of fun! So we set a date and before you know it i was knocking on her door and what a door it was! As Natalies house is self built and alot of hard work has gone into this original building! With its gothic/modern feel rooms had archways made from stone and stained glass panels in the kitchen. The whole house has pieces of furniture she has collected from her travels or refurbished herself. The entrance has a winding Black Cast iron stairs coming down the side of the wall while you can look up through to the other floors. My only words i used for the fist few minutes of our meet was wow Oh My God and amazing! Your typical words one uses when their speechless  hhmmmm…. We got to the studio and there was wardrobes with clothes from different eras and retro props like old suitcases and french style dial phones! Lots of different coloured backdrops and makeup and mirrors and lights and cameras!

Wow it was sooo kool!!

We got to clicking and then chatting and after the shoot we sat down and a chat and it ends up we know the same people!

So i asked Natalie how did this all come about and this is what she told me…

My interest started when I saw a lot of other countries including England had Boudoir photography and pin-up photography. There was nothing available in  Ireland like what I would want for myself so I set about offering women customized photo shoots including Boudoir, Pin-up, Vintage or themed. A shoot of their choosing, withing their comfort zone and of course some airbrushing to enhance their natural beauty even more. As a mother of two children I am very aware of body issues we women have. I aim to make each person look like the best version of themselves. With the help of talented makeup artists the transformation is often astonishing! Any creative ideas are welcomed and all ages and sizes are catered for . I use my design background to my benefit when making props, sets and I sew a lot of custom pieces for the dress up closet. The boudoir room sets are part of my home studio. The Boudoir side of it  evolved to hen parties as we all love to dress up for those occasions and I  have a VERY large dressing up closet! Booking as a group makes the whole shoot very affordable and more fun. I travel to hotels and venues nationwide with my makeup team for the photo shoot parties. This involves, bubbly, makeup and dressing up before being photographed looking your best! To date the most popular themes are Burlesque and pin up styles. It is a great way to have fun and have a memento of yourself  ooking amazing. The hen’s are always buzzing afterwards and feel great heading out on the town all madeover!

My day with Natalie was amazing she made me feel so at ease as im no model, i did feel a bit special on the shoot and would do it again in a flash!

So to all you brides to be our all you besties out there this is definetly a way to spend your day!!  Bottle of bubbly Makeup and hair stylist Photographer and costumes galore!! And you dont even have to leave your own county as Boudoir Girls Will Come to You!

To Book Natalie Herzer Greer..

Bookings by appointment only  087 6332611 visit or email Natalie on

Hair/MakeUp/Styling Me.      Photography  By Natalie.

Hair /makeup By Me. Photography By Natalie herself.