Spanish Jewels.


So as usual i went on a spanish 
shopping spree and picked up 
some fab peices that i adore
I love shopping in spain
they have soooo much.
I did go over board on the
harem pants nd bought like
4pairs and 2pairs of short
ones for the gym in navy
and red and 2 pairs were
jumpsuits. So i can now 
add them to my rathr big 
collection as ive been 
wearing harem pants for 
years without any 
compliments from my bf
as he is not a fan
but hey...

So below are most of my
purchases and i cant wait 
to rock my new Studd Boots!!!


4 responses to “Spanish Jewels.

  1. please tell me those studded boots are’nt Louboutins?? I’d KILL for a pair! great, and eh DEPRESSING post, want EVERYTHING here .x.

    • Hey Dawn! No No their not the real thing! could never stretch that much im afraid- but their great copies eh? got them on ebay for like ¢40 or so and their fab and easy to walk in!! love………

  2. moncheri2311

    Beautiful buys, and them boots…WOW

    love your blog and your style ❤

    Your newest Irish fan, Cheri xxx


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