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Galway Street Styling.

More Pictures Of Galways Fashion Victims...

Harem pants and a fluffy pink bag with a swooping fringe and gold gladiators an outfit i would throw together this..


What it feels like for a girl.


Every Girl Dreams of their wedding day at 
Least a few times in their life-time
before it actually happens. As im a bride to be
myself after being proposed to on a beach in 
Koh Samui Thailand on new years eve i havent 
stopped thinking of what my day will bring.
Like any other bride ive been trawling mags
and blogs and the internet looking for some
inspirations. My future wedding will take
place somewhere warm and sunny like Lake Como
Or Lake Garda where we can take a boat trip
to the church and eat outside in our own
little garden party with fairy lights twinkling
in the night sky and lanterns hanging of branches
catching your eye. The sound of people laughing
Bare feet dancing in the sand and music to keep
us smiling all night long. Although my idea of
a dress has changed a lot i still go back to the
long ivory chiffon backless with lace detail
giving out a boho vibe ( boho kinda girl really )
with my hair in a simple tossled curl With a flower.
My men will be in navy suits and bridesmaids
wearing duck egg blue barley green or salmon
pink..  i love daisies and bluebells buttercups
and lilac flowers and hope to add some in my
little fantasy wedding.

Meeting my future husband changed my life
he is one of the nicest people i have ever 
met and my best friend to this day.

So from here i am now a happy bride to be 
searching for her perfect wedding and an 
unforgettable day dancing shoes beautiful 
flowers cupcakes cake simple wedding favours 
happy smiles blue skies good food
sunsets and break of dawn champagne with strawberries
something old and something new...    

Because True Love Is A Big Deal ♥






















Photos from Thank you x

Enchanted Vintage

Jessica at her desk in Enchanted Vintage.

An Enchanted Vintage place would be some where
you would be throwing on long flowing dresses 
from prom type to gowns with lace to silk with all
colours of the rainbow to choose from!
Feathered head pieces with charlston style sequence
dresses and fur coats to 30,s style shoes and bags
Jewels and pearls and and all things 60,s would
have you catapulted to another era!
Well thats kind of what happened when i went into
Galways best Vintage store "Enchanted Vintage". Hailing
from Charlotesfield Virginia where this Vintage shop
once lived. It has now opened its doors to us lucky 
shoppers. Jessica,s mum Victoria opened her first store in
1991 in virginia collecting peices from the 30,s 40,s 
and 50,s and wearing them in the 70,s in New York.
In 1995 she decided to come to Ireland leaving behind
all her lovely pieces in boxes and into storage.
Then in 2002 she decided to get all her treasured boxes
shipped over to Ireland to do buisness all over again!
And thats exactly what she did. She gets all her stuff from
America from relatives and old contacts living in California 
New York and Florida.  And the newly opened store in
Galway is triving with vintage fanatics and people
looking for that something special piece...
With a store in Rathcormac Sligo and Galway
Jessica and her mum were born to do this and 
take pride in what they do and what they are
giving to us lucky vintage lovers!
Galway has been awaiting their arrival and
we welcome them with open arms!

To be Enchanted by some Vintage check out Galways
store no.13 St.Francis Street or phone 091-449815
to speak to Jessica about anything vintage!

Or check them out on FACE BOOK 
Thanks for watching....

Dont Bare Your Cross… If You Dont Want to…

I was at home cleaning around with my mum as she came
some wooden rosary beads that had been blessed and
asked me if i would like them..i hesitated as im
not religious and the only time i set foot inside
a church is say goodbuy to someone or welcoming
someone into my world. But i did like the look
them and hung them on my wrist for the remainder
of the day glancing at them the odd time asking
myself-do i realy like these? and the thought
that they were once blessed attracted me to
them a little bit more nearly like i was been
protected -by who? i dont know ...
All the same i have finally decided to keep them
and use them to the best of my ability- my fashion]
ability and i am now looking for my second rendition
of them maybe with a silver lining this time...
So my shopping list must haves has got a bit longer
and i am officialy on the look out for some new crosses.
Heres a few i hope to dobbelgang.....
























Madonna Tribute.

As if you didnt know im a MASSIVE Madonna fan.
Today is her birthday. Shes 52.
Im paying a little tribute to her on my Blog.
She still continues to rock my world.
And i hope she never gives up.
To You.
My Idol.







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On A Whimsical…..

Galway has got some lovely cafes through the whole city.
And now added to our fabulous list is SWEETY PIES.
I had the pleasure of taking a seat in there fab place and
ordered a soup and a scone and they came in lovely vintage
china cups and saucers and a lovely smile from the girls 
who were swanning around bringing the little girls cupcakes  
they specialise in and have a massive table with all sorts 
of flavours and designs and sizes..its a display you just
want to eat!! They serve soups and sandwiches and fab 
salads and hot scones with fresh cream and jam! My Fav : )
the group of ladies high tea and a selection of sambows on 
tiered plates. The decor was warm and inviting and you just 
felt like you were at home. As my lovely friend paid for 
lunch i complimented the owner on her fab new cafe and she 
was  lovely and sweet just like the name over the door...
I will be returning...very soon....
Sweety Pies is situated off Lower Abbey Gate street 
across from the bakery Oven Door and Fair Trade.


Then on my way home i came across a new charity shop on the
corner and popped in as i do like to give to these stores
when im spring cleaning and will always purchase something
from them if i enter a store so today i found a lovely very
old Teddy Bear that i had to have and i called him Dafoe
so he is now perched on my bed , his new home.
Being such an eventful day and was,nt over yet i strolled
into a flower shop and came across this vintage picture
with the words "Dance like no one is watching" which
is a saying im familiar with love so that also found
a new home right over my bed and little tired out Dafoe...

What a lovely day it was......
Heres my day in images....

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Galway Festival Street Style….

I Strolled through the streets of Galway looking for some
fashionable happenings and well, found some. I found all
types of people wearing their favourite clothes and enjoying 
the Galway Arts Festival the street entertainers the hussle 
and bussel of shoppers and the natters of people watchers 
sitting on all kirbs of the city while wining and dining and
basking in the well deserved sunshine rays that glared
the city into beautiful buildings and landscapes letting the
festival vibe take over the city once again and adjourn the
very beautiful and fashionable people from all over the
world that graced us with their presence..heres a couple..

Pennys jumpsuit and Prada Bag and little leather jacket..Sweet...

Nice and relaxed in her skinny jeans...

Love her little cardi with pearls and her high waisted skirt and purple tights...preety..

Her so on trend boots and denim waist jacket suit her little self and her tea dress with corsage give it a feminine twist...

Great style and very cutline and sharp in a chilled out sense...

This looks more like an A/W outfit but is fab...loving the aran jumper teamed with the high waisted navy skirt and red wooly beanie...perfect cosy gear for the months ahead...

Wow wow wow..this red hair rocks!! i rocked this hair style/colour 4 years ago and loved it! and would love to go back to it for a short while-but its high maintenance...maybe....she rocked this look out and i was gobsmacked to learn her age-she looked fab!!!

Very cool indeed love his hippy vibe and cut of shorts...

The lady in red...lovely long dreads and leather Bag....

Leopard print dress and oversized boyfriend blazer and her little brogs all work well this..actually have this it...

Nice thrown together kind of outfit...with her gray oversized shrug and denim dress..very girly indeed and chilled...

Patterned harems with chunky wooly off the shoulder jumper finished off with an oversized over the shoulder bag...very kool....

This is very 80,s inspired with the denim biker jacket and micro mini skirt teamed up with the doc martins and fringe bag and topped off with big hair!! yes think im inspired! go you!

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