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Abandoned With Love…..

When i think of animals and clothing i think of Leopard Print straight away. I love Kittens and im loving the new IKEA add at the moment too oh i wish i could be there with all them fluffy woofys.  Now im beginning to talk like a 2 year child. Ive decided to do some volunteer work with MADRA in Galway as they have a lot of animals up there that generally need some love and attention dont we all!! So i have a bitting of time on my hands at the start of the week so im heading up their way soon to bring them for a walk or feed them or just to give them a big owl hug! Why not…Some of these beautiful dogs were abandoned by their owners and left for could they….its so sad. I remember Years ago when i went to the rescue center to pick out a cat and i had like 10 cats all walking over and on me and trying to grab my attention. My mind started to go into a spin and i didnt know which one to choose. Then this ginger one comes over kinda skinny with not as much hair as the rest and the lady owner told me she was set alight burned and left on someones door step. She g=had a few bald patches and you could see her burned skin and she just set there looking at me with really loving green eyes and i thought right shes coming with me and the lady was like are you sure? and i said yes and i took her home renamed her YODA as her ears were all crooked around the edges. From there she was the most loving cat i ever came across. She used to ly beside me with her head on the pillow looking at me and she would come in when you called her name. I loved her with all my heart. We once found her outside under a car and she wudnt come out untill we realised her two back legs had been broken! by who? we dont know… she was either knocked down-not likely- or beaten with a bat- vets was devastating seen her go through this. The vet had to put 2 rubber bands on her leg to keep them together and she still has them to this day. Took her a while to get back on her feet but she did- what a trooper- sadly i have since left the home where she was brought to those few years ago. But her other owner at the time still has her and takes really good care for her. I havent seen her ina long time and sometimes drive by the estate hoping id catch a glimps but only did once in 6 years. I miss her sooooo much and my other little cat we had obbee but things happen and you move on! So sadly i know this post is for my beautiful little yoda and of course obbee as they have inspired me to and volunteer next week and i cant wait to give some loving to dogs that have been abandoned like my little yoda was ♥

Some images that melted me to the floor…..











Sweet Niblets Or Dirty Laundry?

I for one enjoy a smoke when i have a drink.
I used to smoke years ago like a few a day
but only now if i have some vino with the
girls mid week or a weekend night out which
isnt much these days. I dont particularly think
its a good thing and for health reasons wish i
didnt but i secretly kinda love it and totally
enjoy it and weirdly look forward to it!
I sometimes, while getting my fashion on
for a night out kinda get excited about smoking
a cigg outside with my mates and yes even in the cold.
Love the thought of been wrapped up in my furry
leopard print coat my black tights and my leather
gloves and sky high boots sitting outside a pub
people watching with a fag and drink in each hand
i suppose you could say its your new best friend for the
night because your constantly with it and love
having it around and it can drink as much
as much as you can dance! Proper order i think!!
So yeah i do think you can look preety fucking kool
smoking a ciggy and i do think you can look
preety fucking stupid when you get drunk but you
know what FUCK IT i for one will not be giving up
this little  Fashion? perk of mine as, i long for it 
come the weekend and im all over it as soon as i see it
just as much as i do when my boyfriend has been away
so that says something!!!  Right?  Must be Good eh? 
Well its just my opinion on the way i view smokes
its kinda my poison... we all have one dont we?
Or two?
















Hook line and sink?

I havent Purchased anything ina while
and think i deseve something really nice.
All my money is tied up on other things
but today that is going to change.
Say hello to the new member of my Wardrobe....
Yip there she is.....
Waiting on Pat to deliver.......

large product image

large product image

Studded Heart

Do we love or hate???
Well im in love!!!
Cost around €300 smakaroonies!!
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic Shoe Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic Shoe Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic ShoeJeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic Shoe Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic Shoe Jeffrey Campbell Shoes-The Giggle Tic Shoe


Loving everything about these Photos her hair
her shorts her denim her chains her coulotts her
straps her dress..jeesssss will i go on?
Think yee got the picture....have a look..
Just simply devine.....

Tick Tock A New Hair Style Would Rock!

Well Its Been a likle while since i last
had a blog about something as ive been bit
busy making decisions and watching life go
by and treating people differently in all
types of ways. Some ways Good and some ways bad.
Today has been a fun day for the first half
of it, with having a photo shoot done Pin-up style 
by the lovely Boudoir Girls That is Natalie
and then for the second half well lets say not
 so happy and im just sitting here waiting on news
that maybe could turn it to some good news. A well deserved
break is due to a special little girl who
we are all rooting for and thinking of tonight ♥

Life is full of decisions some are split some
are on a whim some dont really have
a choice.   Are you lucky if you have none?
My thoughts today are actually far from what
this post is ment to be about which if you
havent already guessed, is a new hairstyle is on my mind 
as the autum sneaks its way in under my door.
But really,  its a far cry to what im really 
feeling and feel kinda guilty doing this post. 
But life does go on right?
So im gona end this on, lets say, a note with hope
and faith that this little girl gets her break
and maybe then... ill get a new hair style...
For You Chloe xxx
Nighty Night x

















Electrical Festival

Short and Sweet Just like me.
As you all know this weekend is one of
the best weekends in Ireland and its all
happening down in Co .Laois at the
Electric Picnic. Ive got the mattress in
the back of my jeep and some nice pillows
and a snuggly blanket now i dont know how
much of these im going to see but the options
there eh? Im still in the middle of my ever
so big fashion crisis on what to wear so ive
decided just to bring it all!!  again just to
have the option : ) So it will be bed early
and up early after a long day of planning
and running around the town and im now ever
so tired, but hey ill be a long time dead for
that sleeping marlarky this weekend!
So if your going be safe Rock your Body!
And shake those good bad dance moves!
I know i will be...untill next week
Chow ♥

Here is a small selection of what im
bringing with me. didnt get a chance to
upload all..theres a bit of lace and 
tassle shorts thrown in the mix and 
my rolling stones t-shirt that i always
bring with me too... Ta Ta