My Photography


Salthill Prom July 2010


Two Irish Peeps We Met At RoundHouse @ Roisin Murphy. Love Their Style.


Fashionable People At The RoundHouse In Camden/London To See Roisin Murphy.


My Best Friend Valerie And Jonny Moy.


My Fav



Thai children playing on the pier.


Bubbles on St Patricks Day 2010


Baby Tiernan.


Again Christmas morning out my window.


View from my bedroom window Christmas morning 2009.


Spiddal Pier .


Spiddal Pier on a sunday morning.


Yeah it was freeezzzing...


Relaxing in the villa.



I know another woofy but we just become friends i cant help it.


More Woofies.


Karma Sutra-Koh Samui.




A Dog Called sutra.



                                                   Thai Children Playing On The Pier.

                                             THAILAND New Years Eve. Just After Getting Engaged ♥


5 responses to “My Photography

  1. Fab pics Sis x

  2. their very good

  3. Great pics sinead…

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