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Hanging Onto Time..


Well oxygen is in full swing.
Mud up to their elbows i hear.
Im a tad jealous as i was suppose
to be going myself working in
the VIP area doing Makeup but
it fell through- "overcrewed"
was the words used so after i
picked up my heart of the floor
i immediately did what any other
fashionable chic would do and
went internet shopping and yes
it made me feel a whole lot
better. As im sitting here on
my lovely bed knowing that theres
two tickets to Electric Picnic
on my fridge and a new wardrobe
of festival clothes flying across
the sky as we speak i really
couldnt be happier
With Kate Moss as my Festival
icon i threw together some
inspirational images that have
me thinking...how long is it till
Electric Picnic?
7weeks And 5days To Be Exact... 


dirty little style whore 20


dirty little style whore16

photos taken from- dieyoungstaypretty88.wordpress.com/