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Shiny Memories are on their way back.



My reading.

My moo moo,s














Get your tattoos out.




Do it.






never forget your camera.

Me in a Hammock In thailand.


I got up this morning after a lovely weekend of birthday celebrations. Having paid for it all day yesterday today brings me new joy. When i woke at a very early clock of 9.30 the sun was shining birds were tweeting cat was meowing to come into me the boy had gone to work kill bill vol 29 (my all time fav movies) was  still in the laptop from the hours of the night before in bed. I could hear the sea down the back of the garden when i opened the window to let missy moo moo out for a little rumble through the back and i stood there letting the sun beat of my face and i got a very familiar memory... Summer....it put me in a good mood straight away so i clicked on the kettle and made some green tea and one of my fav  brekkies beans on toast. I cleared up and showered and went for a stroll down the back garden with missy in my shadow. I wanted to inhale the fresh  air and have the slight wind breeze pass my face. Im taking advantage of my time of at the moment as my job is moving location and shall be open next week with tonnes of new stock arriving. So im excited to get back and get stuck in. Also have some shoots coming up with me styling them so should be interesting couple of months and most importantly FUN! This week is Photo week on Fashion House and all my post are going to be heavily influenced like that. As i love photography and im always trawling blogs and sites. This post is dedicated to everyone who got  up on Monday with a smile on their face.  Inhale .. exhale and let the memories proceed. Summer is coming (even if it is only for a short time)... embrace. Some photos i took myself and others are from other random sites. Enjoy sinead x

On A Whimsical…..

Galway has got some lovely cafes through the whole city.
And now added to our fabulous list is SWEETY PIES.
I had the pleasure of taking a seat in there fab place and
ordered a soup and a scone and they came in lovely vintage
china cups and saucers and a lovely smile from the girls 
who were swanning around bringing the little girls cupcakes  
they specialise in and have a massive table with all sorts 
of flavours and designs and sizes..its a display you just
want to eat!! They serve soups and sandwiches and fab 
salads and hot scones with fresh cream and jam! My Fav : )
the group of ladies high tea and a selection of sambows on 
tiered plates. The decor was warm and inviting and you just 
felt like you were at home. As my lovely friend paid for 
lunch i complimented the owner on her fab new cafe and she 
was  lovely and sweet just like the name over the door...
I will be returning...very soon....
Sweety Pies is situated off Lower Abbey Gate street 
across from the bakery Oven Door and Fair Trade.


Then on my way home i came across a new charity shop on the
corner and popped in as i do like to give to these stores
when im spring cleaning and will always purchase something
from them if i enter a store so today i found a lovely very
old Teddy Bear that i had to have and i called him Dafoe
so he is now perched on my bed , his new home.
Being such an eventful day and was,nt over yet i strolled
into a flower shop and came across this vintage picture
with the words "Dance like no one is watching" which
is a saying im familiar with love so that also found
a new home right over my bed and little tired out Dafoe...

What a lovely day it was......
Heres my day in images....

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