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For The Love Of Winter.

Ive been collecting a few bits for my winter wardrobe
and trying to team them up with stuff i already have.
I think of done preety well so far as there is few
more things i would like to get. Im still on the
lookout for leather shorts that look good. Ive
tried on a few and they all didnt suit. I
would love a pair of clog boots and leather
skinnies. And a black long fur coat(fake of course).
Just some of the things im wishing for.
So hers a few of my things i bought to
update my new wardrobe and a few old things
i will be teaming them with. Since i got rid
of all my old clothes up at the market there
was a minor space for some newbees on the rail.
so i splurged.
Its a day for blogging i think! Weather is
terrible outside so think ive secured a
solid date with my Mac Book .
To all of you thats getting your fashion on
this weekend have a great time and keep it real
As for me- Im taking it cheesey till next weekend
saving for new hair and lashes.
Chow ♥

Anew Broach and Teddy Bear necklace from Pennys €2. Broach from My mam.

Some rings From Pennys €3 each. Other colours available.

These navy suede shorts are fab!!! From Topshop and cost €49. Havent been worn yet and ive loadsa ideas what to wear them with.

My best by so far this AW my floppy hat from Tkmax €17...

A pennys hairband for €5. This is stunning on! with your hair up. It has yet to have an outing but will soon for the xmas...

This is beautiful. I bought this in A-Wear Few years ago. Yes! Its a cape coat with 2 deep pockets at the front and goes right up the kneck. I wear long leather gloves with this as it has short sleeves or a long sleeved shrug. Jadore. Cant remember how much this was think it was €100

A black dress i got from ASOS with feathers on the shoulders with a touch of green of them. Also has a big v line back on it. I sometimes wear it as a top under my tulip leather skirt. So i get a good bit of wear of it. Its sooo comfy too. Cost €65

This is from River Island. It cost €50 but i 
was lucky enough to get it for €18 last
week in the sale! I love it! It has crochet
on the cuffs and collar and elastic just
at the top of the waist. Lovely with tall
vintage boots and my black floppy hat.

This fab tulip leather skirt was purchased in Borne from Vera moda. Its high waisted and gives you fab legs teamed with heels! It also has two pockets. Cost around €35

This i got in H&M for €30 you can take the fur collar off too. very snuggly and warm. Always in my AW wardrobe.

A big oversized navy cape i got in pennys about 3 years ago. This comes out every AW and i sometimes put a belt around it! One of my fav buys. Think it cost €16.

Images are my own- taken with my old canon so not the best quality. Getting a new one for xmas fingers crossed.