Hair Hat 05 

Hair Hat 06 

Hair Hat 07 

Hair Hat 08 

Hair Hat 09 

Hair Hat 10 

Hair Hat 11Im going to a madhatters party on july 2nd in my friends huge house !Im trying to think of ideas of what to do and have come up with a few but then i heard of one of mates Pauls idea and i seriously have to up my game!!There is a prize for best hat you see!!! : )His hat has a live bird involved and i have voted him to win already as its sounds sooo kool!!!So im thinking of doing one of these creations above in the photos!!Im thinking of doing no.5 the antlers and i might use led lights (battery operated) aswell for a bit of WOWNESS!!WHAT DO YEE GUYS THINK?IF YEE HAVE ANY IDEAS AT ALL FOR THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!CHEERS CHICAS!!!! XSinead 


5 responses to “Madhatters!

  1. I love the idea of the party and antlers and LEDs sounds like a winning combination x

  2. Andrea Dolce

    Definitely a fan of the Antlers idea and LED is definitely wow! Craft wire should be easy enough to shape… are you going to use your own hair or extensions for the piece?

    Love those hair/hat designs by Nagi Noda, they were a collaboration with Eyola Adede (I blogged about it before when I first saw the pics, stunning) I read the other day she passed away in May 😦

  3. this is serious amazingness.


  4. Great post, it useful for me, thanks for your sharing! Alexander Wang

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