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Tick Tock A New Hair Style Would Rock!

Well Its Been a likle while since i last
had a blog about something as ive been bit
busy making decisions and watching life go
by and treating people differently in all
types of ways. Some ways Good and some ways bad.
Today has been a fun day for the first half
of it, with having a photo shoot done Pin-up style 
by the lovely Boudoir Girls That is Natalie
and then for the second half well lets say not
 so happy and im just sitting here waiting on news
that maybe could turn it to some good news. A well deserved
break is due to a special little girl who
we are all rooting for and thinking of tonight ♥

Life is full of decisions some are split some
are on a whim some well..you dont really have
a choice.   Are you lucky if you have none?
My thoughts today are actually far from what
this post is ment to be about which if you
havent already guessed, is a new hairstyle is on my mind 
as the autum sneaks its way in under my door.
But really,  its a far cry to what im really 
feeling and feel kinda guilty doing this post. 
But life does go on right?
So im gona end this on, lets say, a note with hope
and faith that this little girl gets her break
and maybe then... ill get a new hair style...
For You Chloe xxx
Nighty Night x

















Joe Le Taxi Anybody??



Ive been a long time fan of the beautiful Vanessa Parasdi.  I can still remember her on Top Of The Pops back in 1987.  She was only 14 years old then and had a number 3 in the charts with the famous JOE LE TAXI! That was an excellent position back then compared to now a days!  She was a big musician in her native France and hooked up with the sexy and handsome Lenny Kravitze and made sweet music together for a little while. She had many top Hits with her music in France and continued on the fame train with her modeling for the likes of Chanel Titled CO CO and was was dressed in all black with feathers portraying a bird swinging in a cage this shot was taking by JEAN-PAUL GAUDE. So beautifull…..here it is….

After many many a photo taken of her she ended up with one of the worlds most handsome men in 1998 -i tink we can all agree!- and marrying the guy!!! Not Fair? I hear you….They went on to have two beautiful (of course) children Lily Rose And John Christopher.  They reside in the beautiful South Of France ( i have been here few times and it is a place to go see! if i had my way i would retire here!!!) although owning many a house from all parts of the world! Lucky so and so,s   aha ahem….

She is a true beauty theres no doubting that for one minute!  A photographers dream!!  And a mans fantasy!

But she inspires women all over the world with all of  it and will continue to do so as she has,nt seemed to have aged much at all….   aha ahem i will compose myself here….so….. ive come across a few images that i like of her.. i esp like when she does the boho hippy look as she certainly  can rock that look out!!

“So if your looking for a taxi and a man called joe”  well you,v come to the wrong place because this is a blog about  inspiration and fashion and well …..life……

wow like


Those Famous Lips and Tooth Gap!