Sex And The City-And Sitting Very Preety.

Well im just back from the movies.
I went with my lovely chicas and
sipped on a cocktail in the G Hotel.
The Style floating through the pink
room to the navy room was indeed
Dazzling from head to toe.
We all made our way to the cinema
and ive never seen anythn like it.
Cocktails in tow and heels a clicking
we all took to our seats.

Their was applauses and screams 

and oohs and ahhs and best of all.


We watched Carrie get torn i

nto a kiss from the out of the blue. 

Samantha made us laugh at her 

strive for the perfect shag 

Abu Dabu style. 

Miranda thought us to stand up 

to the hand and Charlotte spilled

her true  colours at last! 

The style ooh the style left me

sinking into my chair. 

It certainly  was inspiring.

 I will be adding  new pieces to

my holiday wardrobe thats for sure!

The movie was just amazing and  

filled me with emotion and glee

and appreciation of the people

i love in my life. So if you

have not seen it grab a friend 

or two put on a pair of heels 

and get ready for a a few hours

of fabulous  fashion and 

friendships to aspire too. 


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