The Queen Wears Fur ?

The Queen Of Style Rocks My Fashion
world everytime. We all love a bit
of Kate Moss and a bit of her style
and we try to get this by becoming
her dobelgangor. She rocks somethn
new everytime and we rock with her.
Her love of fur is obvious
and ive worn some preety dodgy
ones in my time but also have
some lovely ones that i cant
wait to wear again soon. I 
think im the only one that 
wishes the winter on that 
little bit more sooner then 
anyone eles just so i can 
wear my fur coats
and my floor full of boots!
I think its my favourite time
to wear fashion as you can wear
more stuff by layering ect
Hope you like the pics of mossy
i know i will as i await the
winter blues......








Love This one...


5 responses to “The Queen Wears Fur ?

  1. Good heavens your blog is a lovely piece of eye-candy! It’s got such amazing design. And as for the content? Phwoar!

    Some of those fur pieces are absolutely ridiculous. And another reason to adore Kate Moss.

    Keep this good thing goin’


  2. wow. i didnt realise she wore THAT MUCH fur x

  3. What a great collection of shots – I’m with Blau, I knew she liked it but I never realised just how much!

    • I know- And there was more of her but didnt put them all up! The long fur eskimo coat one is mad- i told my fiance i was buying one and you should of seen the look he gave me!
      Only the Moss could pull that one of im afraid and anyone that lives in well ice-land! Lol : ))

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