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Outfit Post….



A Short and Sweet Outfit post.

All Items As before.

lv foxtail bag

lusting after ne of these bags for the summer  ..


Part Two Of My New Closet Items.


Navy Lace Croped Jacket. Pennys. Love this! Chain Gift From Boyfriend.



A Beautiful Marquis Ring. A Gift From the Boy recently. Priceless.






Leopard Print Tee Shirt Top. Awear. eeekkkk...




Scarf Rock chic . Pennys.




Stunning Ring With Pearls and an Amber Stone. Vintage Inspired. Dunnes.



Fringe leather neck Piece. Awear. sale. Vintage Sunglass case Pennys.


Love To Shop!!!!

Love leopard. Love Pearls. Love lace. Love silver. Love Love Love.

So Just A little Note To Let All You Guys Know That Im Opening A

Shop On My Fashion House Facebook Page with a link To Its Own Blog Home

Of all My Old Clothes shoes accessories and so on. I will Be Leaving it Up And running For A Few Months. For Every Peice Of Clothing i sell I Will Donate A

Euro Of It To The ;



So If You Fancy any Of It Dont Hesitate To Purchase Its For A Great Cause Close To My Heart.

All Shipping Will Be cheap and Cheerful And depend Also On weight.

Thanks For Your Time And Se  you all soon x

New Closet Items.



A Poncho style leopard print. ASOS




A Navy Hat With Ribbon trimming. ASOS





Chunky silver ring. AWEAR





Necklace silver/white stones. GLITZY BITS. Silver Cross ring. ASOS



Swallow navy brass belt. PENNYS.


I have to say i do love going around in the 
sales but towards the end of january!
Now thats where you get your bargains!
I also love to shop by myself and find
nothing more pleasuring then doing so!
I have no problem hopping on a train
to dublin and shopping for the day all on
my ownsome!
Anyways , posted a few things that i purchased
last week from the net and in town. The leopard
print poncho wrap thing is sooo cosy and perfect
for long flights (which i hope to endure this 
coming may and sept) and just cosing up on 
the sofa. A price tag of €32 also makes me smile.
The white stone necklace is perfect for the 
coming months as are all the silver bits!
Part two of this shopping expedition will 
follow during the week (yes i have a problem)
Along with some outfit posts!
untill then see you on the flip side.





Blyth …. the doll….


I came across this Blyth Doll In my shop
a few weeks ago. We bought some in to sell
to our fashion conscious customers.
Each doll has their own style.
Every doll has different eyes hair ect.
There is also a few books aswell which are
amazing and great gifts for Birthdays
or christmas and a very reasonable price tag!
Its a beautiful book to own as every doll is
different. The Blyth doll came be made to
order and you can get them made of your
best friend and style it just like your
besty would dress!!! I mean how kool
is that to have your very own doll!!
Yes - i want one too!!!
Check them out/or google for some images!!
Chow x

Manufactured by Kenner in 1972, the original Blythe (now known as “vintage”) was produced for only one year and then was retired because of poor sales.
For 28 years, Blythe was a curiosity that only doll collectors were interested in.
Then, in late 2000, she made her comeback in Japan when CWC produced a charming TV commercial for Parco department store starring Blythe. After the TV spotlight she became an overnight sensation in Japan and Asia. In June 2001, to meet the popular demand of this new Blythe fanbase, CWC produced an 11 inch neo-Blythe doll, Parco Limited Edition, with the permission of Hasbro and the manufacturing help of Takara. Since that launch, 62 and still counting! editions of neo-Blythe dolls have been produced. A year later, a 4 1/2 inch version of the Neo-Blythe was invented, titled “Petite Blythe” and affectionately called “Pucci”. By the spring of 2006, there have been 100 and still counting! editions of the Petite Blythe doll produced. Nowadays, Blythe’s photogenic style can also be found gracing countless accessories and stationary goods the world over.

House Of Harlow


This jewelery line is just amazing and i hope to
own a peice of it in the near future.
I love how she uses different textures like leather
mixed in with metal and gold and so on.
My Fav peie is the Abalone Station Necklace. 
A must have !!
To find out how much these beauties are go to the
website and drool over them. Dont for get 
to close your mouth
Not a good look!!!

You,ve Got The Look!!


mulberry bag - topshop shorts - urban oufitters t-shirt



hm shirt - mulberry bag - allsaints denim shorts



MOHAIR JUMPER jumper - alexa bag - Jamie Jeans jeans



leggings - jumper - boots - hat



Jumper jumper - Dream Catcher Necklace necklace - tights accessories - Fluffy th



Granny Skirt skirt - Victorian Lace ups boots - Bag bag - Top top


Came across this girl on CHICTOPIA.
Love her outfit posts
Heres a few!!!
Enjoy x out this girls

Living In A Box.











This Is A Beautiful Vintage Box I Got For Xmas.
It Has Mirrors And A Little Drawer At The Bottom.
I Was Lucky Enough To Recieve Some Nice Jewelery Peices
From My Partner And Have Them All Kept Here Now In This
Beautiful Timeless Box Of Memories.
I Will Cherish This.

Thanks For The Memories Guys ♥

Fashion Toast? Fashion Sense!!!!

Im hitting the hairdressers tomorrow and im
going to go a bit further with my dip dyed
hair and go a little darker further down
on the ends.
I like change so im hoping this will be good change.
Ive been inspired by our fellow blogger Fashion Toast
I just love this girls style and love her hair.
Ive added in some of my favorite images of her
she is just class !! love her!!
Its not a big change as i can easily go back
blonde again so im looking forward to a GHD
tomorrow!!! Good Hair Day
Fingers crossed for me ♥
Images from Fashion Toast Blog.

I ♥ you Rumi Neely

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Mood Board ? Im definetly in that mood. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Topshop 2011 ss collection!!!

I cant get over this collection.
Its amazing! Have a look through your self!!
Inspired or what?