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A birthday for Fashion House !!!! and Presents for you!!!!


Right, So around this time a year ago i set up this online fashion diary, and much to my avay i am still doing it and still loving it. Inspired by a lovely girl called Eimear Varian Barry, she brought me into her world of fashion and traveling and i thought it was amazing! It made me want to do my own one , so i did.

So im celebrating with some goodies!! Some were given to me by a friend and the others i bought myself. Just for you…..

This is what you get.

1. A small Mac brush set.

2.Bobbi Brown eyeshadow pallet.

3. Mac pigment.

4. A black tossled oversized scarf.

5. Pearl chain.

6. Pearl bracelet

7. Disco ball tissues.

7. Benifit bent liner brush (this is amazing)

This Juicy Lot is Up For Grabs!!!!



Disco ball tissues

The black tossle oversized scarf

All you have to do to win these juicy things is –  “like” my  FASHION HOUSE page on Facebook and suggest it to your friends and family and get them to  “like” it aswell and comment that ‘you’ suggested them and thats it. The name with the most comments wins!!!

It starts today and it ends on March the 14th 12pm , Fashion House Birthday.

Winner announced Tuesday Morning!

So get going and you could win all these lovely gifts!!!

Thanks and good luck x

And if its your birthday today…..   Happy Birthday x


I like to think that Fashion House is my online fashion diary,and is just for fun. Im not here to criticise anyone  compete or write about what i hate , i focus more on what i love. .  For me fashion is accessible to everyone and there are no rules. There is no rules in fun.  My fashion diary is more about high street vintage and  DIY.  Dont get me wrong i adore designer clothes and designers and the like and get alot of inspiration from them, but i cant afford it so i like to focus more on whats on my level and what i can do to mirror these beautiful clothes and amazing designers, and also making the best with what i have which would be customizing clothes and accessories to something close to what you might see on the catwalk and its alot more rewarding and ‘you’ reap the awards in the end .

I love blogging and couldnt see my life without it right now. Its an escape from the hussle and bussel and you can share it with people who has the same appreciation and passion and collide and share all your thoughts, and look into the wardrobes of others and get inspired from their fashion moments and fashion passion.

Preety kool like.

Hope your enjoying my blog. Lets hope to see you all next year on                                                                        my  second Birthday

Sinead x

Shiny Memories are on their way back.



My reading.

My moo moo,s














Get your tattoos out.




Do it.






never forget your camera.

Me in a Hammock In thailand.


I got up this morning after a lovely weekend of birthday celebrations. Having paid for it all day yesterday today brings me new joy. When i woke at a very early clock of 9.30 the sun was shining birds were tweeting cat was meowing to come into me the boy had gone to work kill bill vol 29 (my all time fav movies) was  still in the laptop from the hours of the night before in bed. I could hear the sea down the back of the garden when i opened the window to let missy moo moo out for a little rumble through the back and i stood there letting the sun beat of my face and i got a very familiar memory... put me in a good mood straight away so i clicked on the kettle and made some green tea and one of my fav  brekkies beans on toast. I cleared up and showered and went for a stroll down the back garden with missy in my shadow. I wanted to inhale the fresh  air and have the slight wind breeze pass my face. Im taking advantage of my time of at the moment as my job is moving location and shall be open next week with tonnes of new stock arriving. So im excited to get back and get stuck in. Also have some shoots coming up with me styling them so should be interesting couple of months and most importantly FUN! This week is Photo week on Fashion House and all my post are going to be heavily influenced like that. As i love photography and im always trawling blogs and sites. This post is dedicated to everyone who got  up on Monday with a smile on their face.  Inhale .. exhale and let the memories proceed. Summer is coming (even if it is only for a short time)... embrace. Some photos i took myself and others are from other random sites. Enjoy sinead x



Time Is something everyone has in common
for a certain lenght that is.
We are all given it and we choose to do
what ever we please with it. Some take advantage
some dont. Some will regret it. some wont.
It takes time to think and to think makes
you use up your time before you even do
what you were thinking. Its precious.
Its ours. We believe we have loads of it.
I believe we dont. Time can be evil. Time
can be on your side. This year, this time
im gona use mine wisely.  Because my time
is precious and i dont no how long it is
here for. Mines by my side ...wheres yours?
Be safe. Save time by making time.
Happy New Year From sinead ♥



i would love to find a watch like this- would it tell me time will be as preety as it.







Sweet Niblets Or Dirty Laundry?

I for one enjoy a smoke when i have a drink.
I used to smoke years ago like a few a day
but only now if i have some vino with the
girls mid week or a weekend night out which
isnt much these days. I dont particularly think
its a good thing and for health reasons wish i
didnt but i secretly kinda love it and totally
enjoy it and weirdly look forward to it!
I sometimes, while getting my fashion on
for a night out kinda get excited about smoking
a cigg outside with my mates and yes even in the cold.
Love the thought of been wrapped up in my furry
leopard print coat my black tights and my leather
gloves and sky high boots sitting outside a pub
people watching with a fag and drink in each hand
i suppose you could say its your new best friend for the
night because your constantly with it and love
having it around and it can drink as much
as much as you can dance! Proper order i think!!
So yeah i do think you can look preety fucking kool
smoking a ciggy and i do think you can look
preety fucking stupid when you get drunk but you
know what FUCK IT i for one will not be giving up
this little  Fashion? perk of mine as, i long for it 
come the weekend and im all over it as soon as i see it
just as much as i do when my boyfriend has been away
so that says something!!!  Right?  Must be Good eh? 
Well its just my opinion on the way i view smokes
its kinda my poison... we all have one dont we?
Or two?
















Tick Tock A New Hair Style Would Rock!

Well Its Been a likle while since i last
had a blog about something as ive been bit
busy making decisions and watching life go
by and treating people differently in all
types of ways. Some ways Good and some ways bad.
Today has been a fun day for the first half
of it, with having a photo shoot done Pin-up style 
by the lovely Boudoir Girls That is Natalie
and then for the second half well lets say not
 so happy and im just sitting here waiting on news
that maybe could turn it to some good news. A well deserved
break is due to a special little girl who
we are all rooting for and thinking of tonight ♥

Life is full of decisions some are split some
are on a whim some dont really have
a choice.   Are you lucky if you have none?
My thoughts today are actually far from what
this post is ment to be about which if you
havent already guessed, is a new hairstyle is on my mind 
as the autum sneaks its way in under my door.
But really,  its a far cry to what im really 
feeling and feel kinda guilty doing this post. 
But life does go on right?
So im gona end this on, lets say, a note with hope
and faith that this little girl gets her break
and maybe then... ill get a new hair style...
For You Chloe xxx
Nighty Night x