Stellar Festival Fringe Thing

There she is… in my beautiful Fringe dress!

I had the honour of heading up to Stellar headquarters in Dublin. I got to meet the lovely Stephanie Game and Corina Cafey and  Naomi Gaffey. They were soo lovely and made me feel so comfortable. The headquarters building was lovely and i met the other lovely girls who were taking part in the same issue of festival fringing and everyone was soo excited! We got the shot anyways and there’s the proof up above!  Delighted with it!

After the shoot myself and my mate poo face (not her real name) lol went for a bite to eat and then had “one ” drink and it was the longest drink ever!   seeing us get on the midnight bus back to Galway snoring all the way!!

Great owl day was had!!! Thanks Poo!!!


Images from Stellar Magazine


9 responses to “Stellar Festival Fringe Thing

  1. LOVE the dress!!
    Lady Peach

  2. Thank you its fab isnt it!

  3. Ahhh, I love fringing – awesome dress!

  4. well done..looking fierce x

  5. wow….welldone! you look fantastic xx

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