lace is pants











Lace lace rules my world. Everytime i see a piece of it or touch it it makes me quiver and feel very feminine. I have a lot of lace covering me from head to toe literally. I wear it on special occasions in bed club nights even a bit of it to the gym..

At the moment im on a search for some lace shorts for both day wear and night wear. Im heading off on holiday to Alicante ans Madrid in a few weeks and would love to have them for that or i might be lucky to purchase some there!!!

I woke up this morning with a very happy head on me that i didnt venture outside the door last night with all my chicks, although it was torcher up untill midnight wen i started to fall asleep. Now im happy. Im heading off for a long walk now with the boy a gym session a drive in a convertible and sunday lunch somewhere and maybe throw in a couple of beers in the local by the sea on the way home for good measure!! Sure go wan  you deserve it!!!

Happy sunday everyone enjoy the sunshine



4 responses to “lace is pants

  1. I love lace and especially when it’s used along with other fabrics like denim though I am pretty particular. No cheap stuff! Love the post.

  2. I really like the lace, demin and studs cmbo – would be great for a DIY I think…

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