blaze of glory
















Im a massive fan of blazers! They rock!! They rock during the day they rock in the eve and they rock all night long!!!

You can purchase them in any kind of design colour size and taylored for your own shape. I  realy like the ones with the three quater sleeves i have a few of these and they just seem to fit and feel good on me. You can grab a blazer on the way out the door and throw in into your bag for the chilly willys later in the eve.

Kate Moss rocks the blazer to a tee!!! Why Of course she does!!

who eles?  om Sienna Miller loving her style she,s wearing alot of timid coloured block colur outfits recently and they are so effortless but so classy and om i just loves her!!


Im trailing alot of charity shops recently looking for that one peice of something that im going to die over and love forever and ever…but … it hasnt happened yet.

To be honest i havent found anything in them in a while. Maybe i will just stand outside and watch the people who bring in their old preloved stuff and check them out and see if they are worthy of any goodness in them big black bin liners!!


I did see a lovely old fashion Brown wood chest of drawers on the window display in the main curiosity shop on merchants road it has the old oval mirror on it and little drawers also high up at the sides!! So dont even think about going in as i have my people on the case and im hoping all the bribing and begging will actually mean i bag it!! Time will tell but you have to be there at a certain time when they take it down and its first come first served so in preparation ive the sambos made flask full and tent and sleeping bag all packed into my car and im off now to pretend im not queuing outside for a dirty old fashion chest of drawers that nobody wants!!    Or do they??

Sinead x


5 responses to “blaze of glory

  1. love love that red one!

  2. I love blazers too!! I have so many, they’re just so handy! Great post!

  3. Can I come join you waiting on the good stuff to be dropped into the charity shops please! 🙂 Xx
    p.s. I know the post is about blazers but man alive, I want that skeleton T shirt!

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