I do. Me too.

















My idea of a wedding dress changes alot . These images help me to find what exactly im looking for and give me inspiration for the design. Im thinking i might get it made and put my own design to it. The second picture is a beautiful bridesmaids dress i like and the colours like barley green and duke egg blue all sing a lovely tune in my brain when i think of my wedding day.

Ill be thrawling blogs  and websites untill i finally come up with what i want.

I have time on my side so theres no stress! is there?


Hope you enjoy the images. I could of posted ten more. So beautiful.

Sinead x


6 responses to “I do. Me too.

  1. they really are so beautiful…I always wonder how a lady chooses her wedding dress…it such a ‘big’ decision x

    • it is and i keep changing my mind – when you try one type on your like yes this is perfect and then you try another style on and you like that too- its very hard to decide so its careful planning and my trick will to purchase it close enough to the date od the wedding so i dont have time to change my mind then- lets hope it works x

  2. beautiful images sinead. just take your time with picking the dress, its the most important dress you’ll ever wear! Im sure you’ll find a grogeous one that suits you, no doubt you’ll put your own twist on it too! love the cups at the end, they’d make a cute wedding pressi! x

  3. must adorn my hair with pretty petals now…

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