Stiff As A Board Light As A Feather.













This is my screensaver on my iphone love peacocks.



I’m heavily influenced by feathers at the moment. As im contemplating my next tattoo. Will i go for a feather (pictures in the next post) or will i get my little swallows. Or i could be crazy and get both!!!!   I always have this voice in my head saying just do it get both life is too short , you only have one chance, you might regret not doing it!  AND then you got the other voice saying dont do it , you might regret it, it wont suit you when your older, you,l look like a right ejit  and so on and so on…

So then im thinking…. you are who you bloody are , with or without these tattoos. Peoples opinions are  not going to change because of it.  Your boy is still gona love ya, your mam might smile and roll her eyes a bit but  shes unconditional right?

Your besties, will all have a different opinion i know most would probably say dont do it as they are not into them saying that they all have at least one! Others would say do what you like sinead you always have done , thats why we love ya…

with or without tattoos..

Mind made up x

Lots of images but i cant not publish them they give me goosebumps and are sooo inspiring x

5 responses to “Stiff As A Board Light As A Feather.

  1. love love love love LOVE!!!!!

  2. Adore feathers too at the moment! Love the 7th image the most, bottle of Jack in her hands!!

    Planning my next tattoo also 🙂

    Love the blog x

  3. Peacock feathers FTW! Love ’em.

  4. Adore those pics. Beautiful.

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