Sleepy kingdom.












I dont Know about you but my bed is very very important to me.

A couple of years ago i went out and bought me a superking size bed.

Yes it cost me nearly €2000. But its money well spent.

I have the nicest sleeps in it. Its huge. I can do snow angels in it.

It has a sea view. Missy sleeps here.

The boy sleeps in ‘the other side’.

My bed has seen many things.

Worn many things. Heard many things.

Brought me to places you couldnt even imagine.

My quilt hugs me tight at night and in return i save mine for my pillow.

It allows me to travel to unknown destinations and back.

It keeps me warm. Safe. Secure.

Can also Keep me awake ; )

how much do you love yours?

sinead x

Photos from weheartit x


12 responses to “Sleepy kingdom.

  1. I am loving all of these photos – I am a complete bed fiend too.

  2. Love it, glad to see I’m not the only one 🙂 My Mixie sleeps with me too & “boy” is permitted to sleep on the other side !!!!!!

  3. oh these shots are gorgeous. love the last few ones, when i get my own gaff that 4 poster bed in the second last pic is gona be MINE!

  4. given my current hangover..beds have never looked so much like heaven

  5. I love this post.. Can’t wait to move out of student accommodation and into my own apartment next year! Bed heaven 😀

    x Laura

  6. Beautiful post! Makes me want to totally change my entire room! I thought I loved my kooky primary colours, now all I want is washed out romantic florals!

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