Empty Pockets.

So ive been doing a wee bit of shopping.
I took some snaps of my purchases. 
More to follow.
Some are presents and some are searched
Ive been waiting for all the new stock
to arrive for ss and have seen some nice
stuff on its way. On my wish list is
1. Leather fringe cropped Jkt
2. Fringed denim ripped shorts.
3. Leopard print tights
4. Nike gold trainers
5. Cross ring
6. Black fitted blazer with elbow pads
7. Lace ankle socks.
8. Fringed leggings
9. New aviators.
10. Im gona leave it at that for now as
this list could possibly go on to 30/40
These thigs ive picked are things i would
use all year around and have probably owned 
What a girl wants... what a girl needs .. eh?



Pennys velvet playsuit €7.


Fur Gillet New Look €20











Lace top Tulip dress with pockets €20 villa




Pennys Satchel Bag €11




Organisation of a the accessories. love.




Flapper style dress from new look bargain buy at €12. cant wait to wear this!!





Zip wedge boots river island €40 sale.




Organisation is key. Clear mind. present from my mammy in law.




Suede wedge river island boots €90 from himself.




Necklace made with marquiste stone . Present from my lovely boss.





Pearl braclet with marquiest stone. jadore.




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