Knight Kat.










So this is my Third Outfit post.
Loving this new adventure.
Dress €60 Peter Pan style leopard collar Topshop
Hat  €20 Black Floppy Tk Maxx
Shoes €90 Wedges Black River Island
Bag €50 Old chanel satchel type Vintage Twice as nice.
Tights €3 pennys
Polish €1.50 MidKnight Blue Pennys
Hope yee likey the posts few more on 
the way with some new purchases!!
yes im a shopaholic and love it!!
Chow ♥

7 responses to “Knight Kat.

  1. Love the booties. Nom, nom.

  2. loving your outfit posts! that bag is fab and the hat is just lush!!

  3. Love love love this, eerily pretty- my favourite!

  4. Oh I saw a hat like that in River Island, I debated it over and didn’t get it but now I am going right back into get it, its similar to yours and it just looks so cool on you, good inspiration!!!

  5. I LOVE that the purse is the only pop of color, and a perfect color it is!

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