Time Is something everyone has in common
for a certain lenght that is.
We are all given it and we choose to do
what ever we please with it. Some take advantage
some dont. Some will regret it. some wont.
It takes time to think and to think makes
you use up your time before you even do
what you were thinking. Its precious.
Its ours. We believe we have loads of it.
I believe we dont. Time can be evil. Time
can be on your side. This year, this time
im gona use mine wisely.  Because my time
is precious and i dont no how long it is
here for. Mines by my side ...wheres yours?
Be safe. Save time by making time.
Happy New Year From sinead ♥



i would love to find a watch like this- would it tell me time will be as preety as it.







4 responses to “Time.

  1. I’m a sucker for a pocket watch. Happy new year x

  2. Love the watch necklace I’ve always wanted one x

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