In With The New…

Well ive been away from my Blog for a likle
while now while i try to sort my life out
and so i did..sort of..i got myself a J.O.B
in the lovely vintage store ZEBRA...not
just black and white. Two meetings of the
same minds bought this together and im
realy happy. This store is one years old
this week and has been doing realy well.
It has a massive basement downstairs
with a vintage gazebo and mens clothing
along with hummel trainers and a massive
catwalk for fashion shows and events that
does be a regular thing happening in the
land of Zebra. With DJ playing or bands
makeup applications crazy haircuts fashion
styling advice and themed evenings there
is something for everyone! This weekend
is hummage to ZEBRA and our loyal customers
and new! with a little gift in your local
Advertiser paper this thurs to use as you
please in the store over this celebratory
weekend! and further more offers on top
of that when you arive with your friends!

So yeah im happy and yeah im happy
considering the glooming budget tomorrow
lets just see where that actually brings
us and hope for the best that everyone
gets through the toughest christmas i can
imagine for alot of people out there and not
to forget the elderly that are living near
by and maybe contribute to a local charity
like St vincent De Paul giving them something
that you dont need anymore but someone eles 
would probably get another year or so out of! 
as this year your people need you even if it is just
a smile, wear it and show it off!

Heres a few images of the shop ..
You are welcome anytime!! : )

2 responses to “In With The New…

  1. Congrats on the new job Sinead!!

  2. Woop congrats on the job! Store looks cool!

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