KATE MOSS – the final curtain.



Its her best line yet and has some amazing
peices in it. KATE MOSS (my style icon) 
has done it again but this time with
style and substance and a lot of
fashion thoughts. The collection has 
peices in it that you can wear in the summer
and i like that as you can wear it all year 
around and get your moneys worth!
I have picked out my favourite peices 
and might have to indulge in one or 
two of them for xmas. The leather jacket 
is just amazing as are the velvit shorts 
with the cream trim.. sweet lord...
See anything you like?




































5 responses to “KATE MOSS – the final curtain.

  1. i would definitely like to get my hands on the velvet shorts. and the limited edition dress with the puma thing. messy sexy, that’s what she is.

    • i know they are sooo beautiful- now just to rob that bank on the corner and will be looking fabulous for a/w!!! her line is bit on the exspensive side which is such a pity but maybe santa will become real and buy me something i realy want this xmas- oh if only x Fantasy land? yes welcome!

  2. I love the Moss!
    Actually really like this collection – love the leather jacket and wooly knitwear!

  3. Kate Moss is simply FAB! love the feather piece, stunning!

  4. nice velvet shorts…oooh for the legs for them…

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