Sweet Niblets Or Dirty Laundry?

I for one enjoy a smoke when i have a drink.
I used to smoke years ago like a few a day
but only now if i have some vino with the
girls mid week or a weekend night out which
isnt much these days. I dont particularly think
its a good thing and for health reasons wish i
didnt but i secretly kinda love it and totally
enjoy it and weirdly look forward to it!
I sometimes, while getting my fashion on
for a night out kinda get excited about smoking
a cigg outside with my mates and yes even in the cold.
Love the thought of been wrapped up in my furry
leopard print coat my black tights and my leather
gloves and sky high boots sitting outside a pub
people watching with a fag and drink in each hand
i suppose you could say its your new best friend for the
night because your constantly with it and love
having it around and it can drink as much
as much as you can dance! Proper order i think!!
So yeah i do think you can look preety fucking kool
smoking a ciggy and i do think you can look
preety fucking stupid when you get drunk but you
know what FUCK IT i for one will not be giving up
this little  Fashion? perk of mine as, i long for it 
come the weekend and im all over it as soon as i see it
just as much as i do when my boyfriend has been away
so that says something!!!  Right?  Must be Good eh? 
Well its just my opinion on the way i view smokes
its kinda my poison... we all have one dont we?
Or two?
















6 responses to “Sweet Niblets Or Dirty Laundry?

  1. i totally agree. i love, love, LOVE it. why must it age you so and cause grievous bodily harm? in anticipation of a night out, i may actually purchase some smokes a few days in advance to ‘prepare’ myself for the main smoking event…


  2. Go you! IM Heading out this weekend myself with all the ladies which we havent done ina while and yes sitting outside smoking a smoke is tingling around in my head as i look forward to it! wahoo!!!

  3. cigarettes and pints are meant to go together. they just taste so damn good together! and there is nothing better than wrapping up in a furry coat and sneaking out for a smoke in a busy smoking area, pint in hand. swoon!

  4. With the right outfit and attitude, smoking totally looks cool (more often than not it’s bordering on skanger-ville if you’re in many areas of Dublin), but wouldn’t swap smelling nice for a Brick Lane moment!

  5. Love the pics… the girl with the Stay Real T looks uber cool… she makes me wanna smoke *peer pressure* gaaah!

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