Electrical Festival

Short and Sweet Just like me.
As you all know this weekend is one of
the best weekends in Ireland and its all
happening down in Co .Laois at the
Electric Picnic. Ive got the mattress in
the back of my jeep and some nice pillows
and a snuggly blanket now i dont know how
much of these im going to see but the options
there eh? Im still in the middle of my ever
so big fashion crisis on what to wear so ive
decided just to bring it all!!  again just to
have the option : ) So it will be bed early
and up early after a long day of planning
and running around the town and im now ever
so tired, but hey ill be a long time dead for
that sleeping marlarky this weekend!
So if your going be safe Rock your Body!
And shake those good bad dance moves!
I know i will be...untill next week
Chow ♥

Here is a small selection of what im
bringing with me. didnt get a chance to
upload all..theres a bit of lace and 
tassle shorts thrown in the mix and 
my rolling stones t-shirt that i always
bring with me too... Ta Ta










4 responses to “Electrical Festival

  1. Did you customise those denim shorts yourself? fierce – love them. fair play if you did. that’s a pretty impressive wardrobe you got going on there. not heading myself this year, but if i was, i’d DEFINITELY be working that plait look. saw an amazing ‘how-to’ of a sort of plait/ponytail punk look in style magazine. have a great time!

    • Hey there! Thanks a mill- had a ball! go every year and cant wait for next year already! Didnt make shorts myself hun bought them in river island before the summer and yes i got the plait look in there//love the fish tail plait which i hope to wear next weekend with an added hair ext from pennys!! ill take photee so we can gander at it!
      chow for now my dear x

  2. Gorgeous post! Love everything including your wardrobe!
    Hope you had a ball!

  3. Wow fantastic pics!
    Great post!
    Hope you enjoyed the picnic!

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