Enchanted Vintage

Jessica at her desk in Enchanted Vintage.

An Enchanted Vintage place would be some where
you would be throwing on long flowing dresses 
from prom type to gowns with lace to silk with all
colours of the rainbow to choose from!
Feathered head pieces with charlston style sequence
dresses and fur coats to 30,s style shoes and bags
Jewels and pearls and and all things 60,s would
have you catapulted to another era!
Well thats kind of what happened when i went into
Galways best Vintage store "Enchanted Vintage". Hailing
from Charlotesfield Virginia where this Vintage shop
once lived. It has now opened its doors to us lucky 
shoppers. Jessica,s mum Victoria opened her first store in
1991 in virginia collecting peices from the 30,s 40,s 
and 50,s and wearing them in the 70,s in New York.
In 1995 she decided to come to Ireland leaving behind
all her lovely pieces in boxes and into storage.
Then in 2002 she decided to get all her treasured boxes
shipped over to Ireland to do buisness all over again!
And thats exactly what she did. She gets all her stuff from
America from relatives and old contacts living in California 
New York and Florida.  And the newly opened store in
Galway is triving with vintage fanatics and people
looking for that something special piece...
With a store in Rathcormac Sligo and Galway
Jessica and her mum were born to do this and 
take pride in what they do and what they are
giving to us lucky vintage lovers!
Galway has been awaiting their arrival and
we welcome them with open arms!

To be Enchanted by some Vintage check out Galways
store no.13 St.Francis Street or phone 091-449815
to speak to Jessica about anything vintage!

Or check them out on FACE BOOK 
Thanks for watching....


2 responses to “Enchanted Vintage

  1. LOVE it. although im obssesed with vintage goods I have yet to purchase. I always end up buying vintage ‘inspired’ stuff, not the real deal like. great post ! .x.

  2. I see a trip to Galway is imminent!

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