Galway Festival Street Style….

I Strolled through the streets of Galway looking for some
fashionable happenings and well, found some. I found all
types of people wearing their favourite clothes and enjoying 
the Galway Arts Festival the street entertainers the hussle 
and bussel of shoppers and the natters of people watchers 
sitting on all kirbs of the city while wining and dining and
basking in the well deserved sunshine rays that glared
the city into beautiful buildings and landscapes letting the
festival vibe take over the city once again and adjourn the
very beautiful and fashionable people from all over the
world that graced us with their presence..heres a couple..

Pennys jumpsuit and Prada Bag and little leather jacket..Sweet...

Nice and relaxed in her skinny jeans...

Love her little cardi with pearls and her high waisted skirt and purple tights...preety..

Her so on trend boots and denim waist jacket suit her little self and her tea dress with corsage give it a feminine twist...

Great style and very cutline and sharp in a chilled out sense...

This looks more like an A/W outfit but is fab...loving the aran jumper teamed with the high waisted navy skirt and red wooly beanie...perfect cosy gear for the months ahead...

Wow wow wow..this red hair rocks!! i rocked this hair style/colour 4 years ago and loved it! and would love to go back to it for a short while-but its high maintenance...maybe....she rocked this look out and i was gobsmacked to learn her age-she looked fab!!!

Very cool indeed love his hippy vibe and cut of shorts...

The lady in red...lovely long dreads and leather Bag....

Leopard print dress and oversized boyfriend blazer and her little brogs all work well this..actually have this it...

Nice thrown together kind of outfit...with her gray oversized shrug and denim dress..very girly indeed and chilled...

Patterned harems with chunky wooly off the shoulder jumper finished off with an oversized over the shoulder bag...very kool....

This is very 80,s inspired with the denim biker jacket and micro mini skirt teamed up with the doc martins and fringe bag and topped off with big hair!! yes think im inspired! go you!


4 responses to “Galway Festival Street Style….

  1. fashionfrillsandbaileysthrills

    Absolutely love this post, in the process of getting myself a semi-good Digital SLR so I can hit the streets myself and do some street style posts! Some very stylish ladies in Galway 🙂 and men!

    Hard to pick a fave, they’re all fabulous, but must point out that the red beret girl’s look is particularly striking! 🙂 also like the tea dress/boots combo!

  2. fab post! love the 4th girls style….wish i could get aay with wearing boots like that! .x.

  3. Rebecca Magliocco

    great pics sinead…love the girl with the red hair’s look!!!!ciao bella x

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