Birds Of A Feather.


So im been thinking about a next Tattoo.
I have many ideas and will not spill into
them but the one i keep going back to
is the swallow. Ive done some research
on this and its been known long time ago
that when the sailors got a tattoo of the
swallow it meant he had travelled so many
nautical miles or passed the equator.
And would get one to show how proud he
was and that he had pride in what he did.
If a sailor would die at sea it was said
the swallows would lift them up to the
heavens. Some had them on each hand
which represented fight and courage.
Swallows in general would travel but
eventually come back home which some
say is loyalty.
Now to me all of these things represent
my life right now and can relate to
a lot of the meanings.
So im thinking i should pick a design
and ive looked up some and put them
I like the one with the tiny little
ones on the wrist with the girl holding
the camera sideways (duno why).
Whatever i decide im sure i will have
it up for yee all to have a look.

Im sitting here blogging and listening
to Katherine Jenkins with a cuppa.
Very sunday feeling about it...

Enjoy your sunday...♥


















5 responses to “Birds Of A Feather.

  1. I love swallow tattoos, and if I ever had the courage, would get one myself. Love this post!

    • Thanks a mill hun x
      You should get a likkle one somewhere maybe behind your ear or on your ankle very sexy but cute too…it doesnt hurt in those areas and would only take about 8/10 mins xxxx

  2. J’aime.
    Especially the wrist ones, just so pretty.

  3. i know this post is all about the birds but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the rose pumps at the start – i need them!

  4. Ha Ha their sooo preety eh? just to even hang them on your wall after you wear them aswell- x

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