Bitching & Junkfood


WOW……    What The Fu*ck!  Where has this been and why am i only finding out about it now!

 Creator and Editor Marion set up Bitching And Junkfood after being made redundant. Rather than frantically trying to apply for new roles, she took it as a sign, moved into a warehouse in Hackney Wick, built her studio (ghetto nails intact) .

From there she has come up with some of the most funky things ive ever seen that you can put around you kneck! Thats just to start!  She opened her store in 2009 and has,nt looked back only maybe to reminise on a higher note!

The store is full of Vintage gear from the 80,s and the 90,s that could bring you back to the future so to speak – the way fashion revolves now thats exactly the way it is!

Enjoy The ride………… I know i did!!!

Check out her blog


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