Now lets face it-not everyone will get away
with pulling this look off. For some it will
be like going back to school, others will
feel like they are wearing the underwear as
outer wear and well others will just feel
down right stupid. Ive gone and bought a
few pairs of these socks ASOS/PENNYS/DUNNES
and i wore them over a pair of grey tights
and flat ankle boots and a tea dress and
yeah i looked kinda kool-the compliments
told me soo- so if you dont want to have
your flesh baring legs out stick on a pair
tights first and see how you go.
For the braver kind the winter catwalk
have the socks all over it this year
with footed/wooly/-foot less /colour blocked
and all other crazy styles on it and they look
really cute.
To keep away from the "lady of the night look"
try keeping your heels a tad bit lower then normal
my advice only- dont have to take it-
The high street is stocked up with the socks and
tights at the moment and lots of styles to choose
from- im loving it and will be buying more.
And the price you pay for this? from €2 upwards
and maybe cold thighs! 
But hey...Its fashion baby..

The Question Is..How High Are You Willing To Go?


I want to rock this look- how kool is this.....




yeah ive legs like hers!! Wow! very Alice......


Hmmmmmm keeping their dignity?


Sexy- And she gets away with it!!!


Image Tights - ASOS - do a range of these tights with graffiti and sailor images on them- very kool!


Heres a few ways you can rock this look 
with an edgy feel!
Its my favourite style at the moment.



2 responses to “SOMEWHERE…….OVER YOUR…..KNEE???????

  1. So sexy but in an old-fashioned 40’s kind of way. None of these looks would fly in Dublin,which means I’m defo giving it a go!!!

  2. Yeah me tooo!! Those who dare!! : )

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