New Page DIY Coming Soon.  With on Trend Makeovers
 off old refurbished goings on from my wardrobe.I 
Have Just Been Given The Opportunity To extend my 
wardrobe living space and got me a walk in one 
and now have amples of space for my fashion 
that has been in bags in the attic and taken 
down every season. Although im still doing this
 as i cannot see myself in my parka coats walking
 the prom on a sunny avo but the majority is now where
 it belongs-with me- ive got all my jewellery-scarves-
and anything eles ive collectd along the way 
all now in one room.(thanks to a special person)
So where am i going with this????  
ok i hear ya.....well i found things that i thought
 i had lost or gave away or even lent to a friend
 and now im going to change them and try and make
 things out of them kinda like make and do with mary
 years ago on RTE - ya ok you werent even born! 
But i was and their my 
memories and now im going to share them with you......
So first one is coming your way soon......
chow   ♥



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