SUMMER : Trends On The High Street…


The shops are packed full of the safari trends at the moment and denim is huge also. The newest denim trend is wearing denim with denim or all over denim! Now i do remember rocking this looks years ago but i dont think i could carry it off now- it was excepted years ago but i think if i threw it on people would either think oh look at your wan shes stuck in the 80,s or look at your wan shes trying that new denim trend and she sucks at it!!!   Ha ha either way i loose so im staying clear of the denim on denim…one peice is enough for me!

Safari is easy to wear you dont have to go to one to look like your there! Simples…..they got all the nude colours in this  trend too which are so in at the moment and you can even team it with a bit of lace!   How lovely….You got your cargo pants which can be worn with high wedges for us wee girls and you can throw on a pair of flat boots for a military/safari look or just a pair of flip flops listen the choice is yours!!! Theres layered tops you can put with them and wasitcoats and vest or lace bodies , this trend is sooo kool…and you would get away with it at all ages too.

Im really happy that cameras were,nt as big years ago as they are now because there would be some serious damaged done to some reputations!!!   lol..

Saying that…..Denim is lovely with floaty tea dresses, little cardis or belly top jumpers and flat boots teamed with knee socks or if your a little daring you can pull those socks up over your knee!!! all very feminine and most of all comfy….  

You have all your long maxi dresses too and you can throw on your denim jacket few bangles and a nice bag and away you go!  PENNYS-TOPSHOP-RIVERISLAND-NEWLOOK are all rocking these trends at the moment and you can mix and match everything up to what you like!  All very affordable and very comfy to wear….i bought a light colour denim jacket with three quater lenght sleeves and short body on river island 2 years ago and i pull it out every spring/summer and get sooo much use out of it with all my dresses and boy shorts and maxi dresses.  I sometimes wear my cowboy boots or a pair of vintage boots (i got for €30 in Twice As Nice down Quay Street,  fab stuff in there girls!,  few years ago they were tow sizes too big for me but i had to have them and seriously i havent taken them off since! )  They stay in my winter and summer wardrobe of clothes all year around) under my long Maxi dress for a bit of a twist and great for going out in the eve for drinks too!

So whatever your styling this summer make sure your comfy in it theres nothing worse then seeing someone in clothes they cant pull off or look uncomfortable in!    Be yourself!    and enjoy …..

Happy Summer….

Festival looks coming soon and animal print styles..( my fav )


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