Sandles or Boots?? Daddy or Chips?


I love The Shoe Boot Trend! Ive been supporting this trend for a couple of years now and add in a couple new pairs every year! You can wear them with just about anything right now- i like them with my Harem Pants tucked into them and a nice t-shirt and some accessories.  I spotted a couple of pairs in Pennys today and a lovely yellow coloured gladiator sandles and gold ones which im going to purchase this weekend and a nice light army kinda of jacket with a hood- its beige and has flowers done in the inside…so light for this weather, love saying that! long may it last!!!!   so ill do a blog on all my purchases i get in there and show you!   Im Hoping To Go shopping to the big smoke and Dundrum and give H&M a visit too!!!   i lurrrvvvvvv that shop and Zara too…..Fingers Crossed…..

Chow Chow ♥


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