We all ♥ Pennys…    And this week was no different for me!!! As soon as i walked in i spotted these polka dit playsuits!  I grabbed two and threw them into my empty ( not for long ) basket. Then i seen more polkas and was drawn to them and threw a navy one in on top and went down to the shoes which most of the time does,nt float my boat! I headed to the hats and sunnies picked me up a few bits, i also bought a onesie suit for bed but when my other half seen it on my he just laughed and that was that i threw the fecking thing out!!   I didnt feel one bit feminine or sexy and thats not good!! I felt like a big  baby or a fecking bear or something!!! It had to go!!! I have seen nicer ones since on asos that are more feminie and that little bit tighter!!! i will be purchasing…..

Anyways i hope you like the purchases and their on the rails in Pennys waiting for new homes!!

You cant go wrong with the prices!!!

So enjoy and have a great weekend! Im hitting the town this weekend! and think i might where the playsuit to feck!!!    

Chow Chow ♥

Lovely navy polka dot dress! very summary feel to it! €17.


A gorgeous straw barrel bag with brown leather handles and straps!! i couldnt believe this when i seen it but yeah €7!!!!


It has a lovely leopard print design in the inside! Had to have it!!! Fab for holidays day and holds loadsa stuff!!!!


Beautifull light pink chiffon material waist skirt!! €11 love this!!!


A range of sunnies! im loving the top ones they have a zebra print to them €3 the other two pairs €1.50!!!


The picture doesnt do this Playsuit justice ! it fits like a glove and its a taupe colour with white polkas! Im going to team this with a taupe pair of BERTIE ankle boots! For a summer christening i have coming up in a few weeks!!! €17 and comes in black with white spots!! Go get them!!!!!


And a lovely straw trilby hat to add to my collection!! €4


2 responses to “PENNYS !!!!!!! WHAT A GIRL LOVES!!!!!

  1. hi loving that dress,cool hat, pennys is greattt! i will be purchasing soon,liking the blog. ❤

  2. Loving the poka dot dress…..didnt see it when i was there so must have a look again!!!!

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