Skin Deep

Went Home For Easter Dinner Yesterday with my family and my mother put on the best roast beef ive ever had.  It was devine and had all the trimmings! Better then any resturant ill tell ya!!!    and then had hot Apple tart with cream to finish it off.   The boys headed of to play some golf out the back ( no we dont have a garden the size of a golf course) with my little nephew Baby Patrick and my sister and mam had a nice cuppa and a chat.   As usual myself and my mother get to talking about skin care products and she showed me what she had been using in the last few weeks and it was Fruit of the Earth which has vitamin E in it and comes in a range of different products from facial firming serum-cleansers- andmasks all with vitamin E in it which in my book you cant go wrong putting that on your face. I love checking out new products as i get bored with the same ones all the time and its good for your skin as it can get immune to it too and might need a change of ingredients put into it.

So she gave me the facial mask with the vit E oil to try out- and so i did this morning. It was like a red/orange colour cream that i put on for 15 mins while i did the dishes (hate doing the dishes) and i took it off with my two big sponge pads i use to clean off my cleansers and it was beautiful my face was so soft and kinda glowed.  I then applied a little bit of the pure vit E oil on top and im sitting here now with no makeup on and my skin feels soft and subtle! These two products tend to go hand in hand.

I would advise people who have dry skin/normal skin to get themselves an oil based cream- bio oil is great too- i regularly put a layer of that on at night when going to bed to repair my skin from the before. The oil will give you the moisture that you are missing. Protect during the day and repair at night!!! My Motto.

You can also go to any health store and buy pure vitamin E and put on your face at night or the day if your not a make-up wearer.

Almond oil is also great for removing your make-up it will leave your skin soft and wont drag at your skin.

All these products are all very cheap to buy and a tiny drop of oil goes a long way so their very economical.

You dont have to spend alot to look good!!!

So my mission this week is to find THE FRUIT OF THE EARTH in town and buy a few things of it and check it  out for a few weeks!!

Their website for information on their products is


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