Have You Got The Head For This ???

Yes my lovelies we have a new fashion item to go find. Its the Bow Band!! ( i named it myself-aha ahem).

I particularly love them and have many of them in my special assigned drawer for them right beside my drawer for my corsages. Madonna rocks it out back in the 90,s and i seriously want to find one like she,s wearing in the picture below!! love love!! Kylie makes a suttle appearance with hers and pulls it off to a tee!!

I know their very Hilda from Cory but Fashion does go around in full circle and im afraid its time for the Bow Bands again!!

Bow Band i love it!!!  A brand new word!!

I,ll Be Rocking Mine soon and ill post a picky ♥



Kylie wears it well!!!


Yep Their back!! Hilda returns!! Headscarfs are the hottest new thing!!

This is prob my fav photo of my Idol..and she wore it best back in the day! (note to self need new black bow band)


You Studd !!


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