Florals At Pennys………

I loved the 90,s and heres my t-shirt to prove it!!

Ruffles layers flowers floaty fabrics all in for summer!

Beautifull flats and corsages....

My beautifull new Makeup bag that my BF bought for me.....fab ....



My Fab Urban Outfitters Dress Thats Need A party To Go To!!!


Beautifull colours in this! reflects the weather we are having and my mood!


Well Ladies Yes Ive Been Into Pennys Again At The Weekend And Picked Up Some Lovely Floral Stuff In All The Latest Colours For Spring…..wow!!!…….   The Dress Is so Cute And is lovely with little biker boots or flat pomps…..    The Cream Lace Blazer Rocks My World As I am a massive fan for all things lace!! and this will go with everything!! From dresses to  jeggings high boots low boots……The black dress i didnt purchase in pennys i bought that in urban outfitters, i cant wait to wear it!!  and i love the way it has an bondage feel to it with the gladiator type cut outs on it and its short on the leg too which will make mini me look extra extra long!! yey!!!   (short arse) The 90,s top is very Madonna and go kool with leather skinnies ir black leggings and loadsa bangles another outfit im dying to wear!!!!!!    so if yee hear of any parties!! I


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